McDonald’s Customers Complain That New Toilet Rule Is Causing Them To Wet Themselves

We have all been victims of our own bladders. Whether it be getting caught short in a public place or being desperate to relieve yourself in a very remote location, we have all experienced the pain that is a burgeoning bladder.

Whilst the human race may have evolved and expanded throughout time, public toilets have not. Despite there being billions of people on this planet, there are very limited public toilet facilities to accommodate us all.

It's a prevalent issue that is becoming more and more stricken with every passing day as huge establishments begin to shut off their facilities to the general public. Take Starbucks, for example, the coffee house boasts 28,218 locations worldwide but restrict the use of their toilets to customers only.

Of course, this rule seems fairly logical. Starbucks hasn't become the biggest coffee chain in the world by allowing people to take liberties in their establishment.

Why should they pay for people to use their toilet if that person isn't then going to invest their cash into the company?

It's a fair question, potentially rendered marginally invalid by the fact that Starbucks cashes in around $2.2 million each hour, according to TIME.


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