Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling And Bryan Cranston Read Mean Tweets And It’s Fantastic

Being a famous celebrity must be hard. There's all that money to decide what to do with, the millions of adoring fans, and not to mention the world's best hair, make-up and fitness trainers on speed dial to ensure you look fabulous at every moment.

But in today's ever-connected world, anyone can contact their chosen celebrity, meaning an endless stream of haters is just a click away. Perhaps the dream life isn't quite so dreamy after all.


So what happens when the celebrities are forced to come face to face with these nasty tweets? Celebs including Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and Bryan Cranston took part in The Jimmy Kimmel Show's most recent episode of 'celebrities read mean tweets', where the world's haters are shown the object of their hate on screen for the world to see.

As the clip goes on, you see an ever-growing selection of celebrities trying to laugh things off and not take themselves too seriously. I bet in reality, these pampered pooches are crying inside. So if you're ready to ride the awkward train to trollsville, simply head on over to the next page.


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