Man Becomes Unlikely Hero After Chugging Beer And Giving Vegas Gunman The Middle Finger

One of the worst things about the mass shooting in Las Vegas was that it happened to a crowd of people who were having a good time. Going to a concert isn't an activity that should end in tragedy, but unfortunately at least 59 lives were needlessly lost at the Route 91 festival.

What makes this attack all the more disturbing is the fact that its perpetrator, Stephen Paddock, had no obvious motive, unlike Salman Ramadan Abedi who carried out an attack at a concert in March of this year in Manchester, England in the name of Islamic extremism.

Whilst it's now emerged that Paddock's father was a notorious bank robber, this doesn't shed any light on why he decided to plan such a cold and calculated attack on a group of innocent people. And horrifyingly, it's now being suggested that he was planning an even deadlier attack.

Today further weapons were found in Paddock's possession including seven pounds of ammonium nitrate, a substance which can be used to make explosives. It's therefore completely possible that he had considered bombing the 22,000-strong crowd he decided to attack.

On a more positive note, tales of heroism have begun to emerge from this tragedy. Countless people risked their lives to save complete strangers from the lone gunman's fire, and Las Vegas civilians have been queuing up for hour to donate blood to the wounded.

But there was one 'hero' whose reaction has been incredibly divisive...


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