Man Tries To Rob Hot Dog Stand, Shoots Himself In The Weiner

The headline reads like something out of a Will Ferrel movie, but this is real life. On Tuesday, 19-year-old Terrion Pouncy shot himself in the penis while attempting to rob a hotdog stand.

The incident occurred at the Original Maxwell Street Polish in Chicago around 6 am. Pouncy threatened two employees of the stand with a small calliper pistol, holding the gun to one employee’s head. The employees handed over the cash from their till.

One of the employees, who had been holding a bucket of grease, tipped the bucket, causing the cash to fall to the ground. Pouncy stooped to collect the money while still holding the gun. Upon standing up, he placed his pistol into his pants.

Pouncy, who was described as wearing a black sweatshirt and a black scarf over half of his face, then reached into one of his victims’ pockets and took a cellphone and wallet before fleeing, as well.

Reportedly, Pouncy readjusted his gun in his waistband as he attempted to run away, but something went horribly wrong. The gun fired right into Pouncy’s groin!

According to the arrest record, he suffered two gunshot wounds: one to the right inner thigh and the other to his penis.

The two employees had called emergency services to report the robbery, but police had already been called by Pouncy, himself. He had attempted to continuing fleeing, but after ditching a few of his personal items, and throwing an unidentified object over a fence, he called 911 from just a short distance away.

Security cameras caught Pouncy attempting to run across the street, staggering about, and then stopping on a bench before collapsing onto the steps of an address just opposite the location he had robbed. Police found him lying on the ground in agony when they arrived.

The pain and severity of the gunshot wounds was too much for Pouncy to keep going, and he is currently still recoveringĀ at Advocate Christ Medical Centre. The extent of the damage to his manhood has not been revealed.

The robbery has been caught on CCTV, and the pattern on Pouncy’s bloodstained boxers matched the underwear clearly visible on camera when he stooped to collect his cash from the ground during the holdup.

The black sweatshirt that Pouncy had been wearing was found on the median of the street outside the hotdog stand, while the stolen wallet was also recovered near where he had been shot. Although a .38 calliper pistol has been retrieved by police, it is unclear whether or not the gun used in the incident has been entered into evidence.

Pouncy has been charged with two countsĀ of armed robbery with a firearm. Each of the hotdog stand employees is listed as one of the victims in each of the separate counts.

Due to his hospitalization, Pouncy did not attend his bond hearing. The judge did not grant him bail and another hearing is scheduled for Tuesday.

Talk about a severe punishment! Let it be a lesson to anyone out there who legally carries a weapon to consider purchasing a holster. Perhaps in retrospect, Pouncy should have considered stealing an extra weiner along with all that cash.

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