Man Left Stunned After Flaming “Meteor” Crashes Down In His Garden

If you hear a loud crash in your garden, you’re naturally going to go out and investigate. No doubt you would be pretty confused as to what it is; has the chimney fallen off your roof? Or maybe some tiles have slid off? Has someone blasted a soccer ball at your back door? One thing you probably wouldn’t expect, is that a meteorite was the cause of the of the almighty boom.

However, for one home owner in Appling, Georgia, US, this is allegedly what happened in July 2017. Jay Sullivent heard an extremely loud bang come from his backyard, and when he went out to investigate the cause, it’s safe to say that he got a pretty big surprise.

Making sure he grabbed his camera before going outside to investigate, Jay records his search for the answer to the mystery crash, and initially he struggles to see anything untoward in his yard. However, after a few seconds, Jay see’s some smoke coming from the grass and a burnt circle with a hole in the middle.

After walking towards the hole, which has clearly broken the land around it, Jay notices that there is a pink rock inside of it, which is on fire. Intrigued by the find, Jay flicks open a penknife (which he just seems to be carrying around with him?) and exclaims: “It’s a damn meteorite.”

Speaking about the incident, Jay said: “It was so loud that I thought there had been a car accident on the road in front of my house.

“When I got over to the crate, it was around 15 inches deep and about the same across.

“The rock in the middle was glowing red.”

It’s pretty rare that something will fall out of space and land in your garden, even though each year thousands of rocks do enter Earth’s atmosphere. While most rocks burn up as they travel through the atmosphere, the ones that do make it can cause a serious amount of damage. A piece of rock that weighs less than 500g, can travel at around 200mph, and could easily smash through the roof of a house or shatter a car windscreen.

While Jay says that the rock is his garden is a legitimate meteorite, some people are a bit more sceptical, with plenty of commenters saying that it didn’t cause enough damage for it to be real.

If it does turn out that the story is legitimate, Jay can count himself lucky that the rock didn’t fall through his house, but instead landed a few yards away. Of course, Jay’s crater in his garden is far from the biggest on record. The Vredefort Crater, in Free State, South Africa, was created over two-billion years ago, when a meteor that is believe to have been 118 miles in radius crash landed on earth. The site is roughly the same size as the distance between London and Birmingham, which is huge, and it’s a reflection of how much devastation can be caused by objects coming down from space.

What do you think? Is Jay’s story real? I mean, it’d be a pretty weird lie to make up, right?

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