Man Finds Hole In His Yard, Asks The Internet What It Is, Then Immediately Regrets It

Finding hidden treasure is something which we’ve all imagined doing at some point. I’ll never forget how fascinated I was at the millennium when boxes that had been buried decades before for the occasion were finally opened. It made me wonder if there was something interesting in my own backyard, and I asked for a metal detector for my birthday the following year.

Sadly, all I found was a few old coins, but when you’re eight years old, that’s still pretty exciting. It also fostered a love of treasure hunting that I took into my teenage years. When my aunt passed away, I was determined to find the porcelain doll that she said she’d lost in her attic in the 1920s. While I did manage to make a few interesting finds in there (namely, a mannequin that looked like something straight out of a horror movie and some creepy old clothes), the doll never turned up.

To discover one of the most disturbing backyard finds ever made, check out the video below: 

Speaking of frightening finds, when Imgur user rhysfcarter6 noticed a hole in his backyard, his curiosity was piqued. Wondering what was inside, he opened up the hole a little further and that’s when he discovered that it was full of bricks. But because he had no idea what it was, he decided to ask the internet for help, and now he probably wishes he hadn’t…

Describing his mysterious find, rhysfcarter6 wrote, “A hole opened up in my garden and on closer inspection, it is a brick chamber. It is around 6 feet deep currently and about 4 feet wide. The house was built in 1888 and is located in a small town in rural Suffolk, England. What is, or was, it for?”

As the picture above demonstrates, at first, this hole appeared to be nothing out of the ordinary, but when rhysfcarter6 decided to investigate just how large it was, he soon concluded that there was something extremely bizarre going on.

Realizing that the hole clearly led to something, rhysfcarter6 began to dig and that’s when he found a structure that resembled a well. But given that rhysfcarter6 lives in England, this seems extremely unlikely. After all, the country is famed for its famously bad weather so wells aren’t exactly a necessity.

The plot then thickened when rhysfcarter6 discovered what appeared to be a large stone plug inside.

While I’m no expert on the construction of wells, I’m pretty sure that we can officially throw that theory out of the window. I mean, what kind of well would need a giant plug?! It certainly wasn’t going to be an easy mystery to solve.

Determined to get to the bottom of it, rhysfcarter6’s yard soon ended up looking like an archeological dig.

What’s more is that it also yielded some other surprises which you’d expect from archeological digs, including this very old button.

“Small metal button found in the hole,” rhysfcarter6 explained.

The hole was by no means small either and measured four feet wide, so Rhysfcarter6 had to work out what it was before someone unknowingly fell through the grass into it!

Despite finding such an old button in the chamber, it was clear from the color of the bricks that it couldn’t have been that old and this was confirmed when rhysfcarter6 found a certain piece of plumbing connecting it to his house.

“A pipe seemingly going to the chamber from the direction of the house,” rhysfcarter6 wrote.

Despite what some of the pictures suggest, it took even more digging before rhysfcarter6 finally reached the bottom of the hole.

And the button was not the only object which he found. There was also what appears to be a piece of porcelain, a shard of glass and a black object that I can only assume is a piece of plastic.

“Some items retrieved from the chamber,” rhysfcarter6 said of the picture above.

Then rhysfcarter6’s hole suddenly became a lot more sinister when he found what looks like a piece of bone inside…

Now, I’ve seen enough movies and detective TV shows to know that if you’re going to bury a body, one of the first places that you’ll think about disposing of the evidence is in the yard – especially if there’s already a ready-made hole for it to go in.

If this happened to be something as horrendous as this, whoever committed the crime could have pulled it off without a hitch. All they’d have had to do is cover up the hole with soil, and, in theory, no one would know what they’d done.

Instead of calling the police, however, rhysfcarter6 decided to consult the internet in an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery – although, judging by people’s responses, law enforcement has probably been contacted by now…

“Looks like a septic tank. I.e to hold sh*t,” suggested fellow Imgur user Landship.

Bruhbeans concurred with this opinion, writing, “You’re digging in a 100 year old toilet.”

“Cesspit,” added dezziss.

But not everyone’s theories about what the hole was were so harmless.

One Imgur user suggested that rhysfcarter6 had put his life in danger by opening up the hole and wrote, “As a rule, you should find out before going in. Bubonic plague can still be dug up in some parts of England and Europe. Wash your hands.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the bubonic plague, it was responsible for killing a quarter of London’s population between 1665 and 1666.

On a more lighthearted note, nickdoesntsharefood cracked a joke alluding to the horror classic The Silence of the Lambs, writing, “You need: rope, a basket, puppy and a prisoner. You get: lotion.”

Whereas rocketdonkey made a simultaneously useful and terrifying suggestion, adding, “I’d get in touch with your local historical association. Oh, and an exorcist as well.”

There were also some Imgur users who thought along the same murderous lines as me.

“Please stop digging, before you reach the bodies,” wrote izoli413365.

The more logical users of the image sharing website, however, stayed away from sinister possibilities and asked rhysfcarter6 questions that could lead to a more realistic explanation.

“How High is the pipe in the pit?” questioned spiffdickerson. “If it’s near the top it is to deposit stuff from the hole. Near the bottom means it pulls from the hole.”

“My guess is it’s an old well. possibly a storage chamber to keep things cool.”

But sparkingfuse appeared to offer the most likely explanation, writing, “Is called a drywell. It’s for draining excess water during heavy rains.”

Either way, even if it is a dry well, if I was rhysfcarter6, I’d definitely be asking for a second – preferably professional – opinion about that bone fragment. With any luck, it’ll be from something harmless like a fox that met its end in the hole… Or not.

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