Man Explores Abandoned Cold War Nuclear Bunker, And What He Finds Is Very Disturbing

There are innumerable ways to spend your free time these days. Some people like to sit down and watch the football at the weekend. Others might enjoy a brunch in the city, perhaps visiting an art gallery to soak in a bit of culture. Sound familiar? Well, not to Olav XO, a YouTuber who spends his free time exploring derelict and abandoned places in Norway, which is a pretty niche pastime if you think about it.

And recently Olav has taken his explorations to new heights (or geographical lows to be more precise) by visiting an abandoned nuclear bunker dating back to the cold war.

Now, I’m no expert in decommissioned nuclear bunkers, but I have to say it doesn’t sound awfully safe to me (which is just one of the many reasons that Olav is out there investigating and I’m, well, not.)

The bunker, which appears to be constructed inside a mountain, looks to have been derelict for quite some time, and as such presents certain hazards, with Olav explaining in a caption on the video “Fungus, mold and other respitory hazards requires a mask (sic)”.

Perilous work, then, and not easy going either; the bunker is enormous. As Olav explains in a note at the end of the video “Norway has a population of 5.2 million (2017)” “We have shelter for 2.5 million people…”

“Should we forget these places?” he asks.

The ridiculously creepy video, is, I’m sure you’ll agree, a tense watch and Olav’s choice of music certainly doesn’t make it any less so, as we witness his findings in an all-too-intimate point of view style.

What’s more, Olav seems to be visiting the site in the dead of night. As if it wasn’t terrifying enough already.

Olav XO has videos on YouTube dating back three years, with the daring explorer braving a vast array of abandoned sites, like crematoriums (no thanks), cold war communications centres, dangerous mines and World War Two bunkers.

Like I said, an unusual pastime. I think I’ll stick to the football.

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