Man Discovers Ingenious Life Hack To Always Buy His Wife The Perfect Gift

When it comes to buying a gift for your significant other, you are typically in one of two situations: either they have very obvious hobbies and interests that make buying them a gift easy as pie, or they’re a bit more complicated and finding the right gift for them is about as easy as getting a fitted sheet onto a bed. For those people, we often stop and think to ourselves, ‘now would be one of the many times that the ability to mind-read would really come in handy’.

Well as it is only 2017 and the ability to read minds has yet to emerge (praying for 2018, though), we’re forced to depend on different tactics when picking out the perfect gift. If you struggle with this task, then look no further, because one man has discovered the most genius way to get your partner the perfect gift, every single birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day… you name it.

Jordan and TyAnna, from Westfield, New Jersey, got married in March. In the years before they even began dating, Jordan admits that he chased TyAnna for a long time, until he finally convinced her to go on a date with him. “I had been trying to convince TyAnna to let me take her on a proper date,” he told Buzzfeed. “She finally said yes for Valentine’s day our senior year.”

With Valentine’s day coming up, he knew he had to impress her with the perfect gift. While discussing the dilemma with a friend, they suggested he do a little innocent snooping to ensure the gift was exactly what she wanted…

The friend recommended that Jordan take a look at TyAnna’s Pinterest page for some clues as to what she might want. “I had never even heard of [Pinterest] before,” Jordan admitted, but he decided to give it a go, creating a generic account for himself so that he could check out TyAnna’s pins.

What TyAnna didn’t know (until now, evidently) is that this account still exists, and Jordan has been quietly using it for the entirety of their relationship to make sure he always gets her the perfect gift. He never pins anything for himself, he simply uses it to follow accounts and boards that his wife has shown interest in.

“She’s picky and she likes things that tend to be small [items] or handmade… so I like to get things right the first time,” he said. The gifts thus far have included a sapphire nose ring, lip glosses, and earrings… all of which he saw on her Pinterest.

So how did TyAnna find out? Surely that’s a secret you’d want to keep for a very long time, right? Well, recently, activist Deray Mckesson rhetorically asked Twitter what the purpose of Pinterest is, saying “Is Pinterest still around? I’ve never figured out what to use it for.” Jordan decided to respond to the tweet sharing his trick with the world.

The genius hack obviously went viral, getting over 317,000 likes and receiving a lot of praise. Some even asked Jordan if he could quietly let their significant others know about his little hack, saying that they could use some guidance. One person suggested that Jordan’s wife knew about his Pinterest hack all along, and was just using it to pin the nicest things she could find.

But TyAnna maintains that she had no idea about her husband’s Pinterest escapades until his tweet went viral. She was delighted, but not exactly shocked to hear about it: “I thought it was really really sweet but I wasn’t surprised because Jordan really goes the extra mile to make me happy. The Pinterest thing has definitely been working for him. He buys me amazing gifts.”

Though he’s been praised for being the gift-giving hero of 2017, Jordan had some advice for girlfriends and boyfriends everywhere … and it had little to do with presents:

“You don’t have to be committed to giving gifts if you don’t have the money or if your significant other isn’t big on gifts. Get to know the person and commit to making them happy how they want to be made happy — not how you want them to receive it.”

Oh, Jordan. There you go again, making hearts melt.

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