Man Could Face A Year In Jail For Slapping Waitress’ Bum

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, then you know how much flack you can receive on the job. You’ve got to be the face for the business and be sure that everyone, regardless of their issue, leaves happy.

Perhaps no one understands this better than restaurant servers. Aside from taking orders, bringing the meal, and directing customers, they also have to cope with mistaken orders, last minutes changes, and food that someone decided they just didn’t like.

Despite all this, a server needs to make sure every that every customer is satisfied. However, that satisfaction has a limit and for one server in Rome, New York, that limit was reached, requiring her to call police on an inappropriate diner.

Jayme Adair had been working as a server at Denny’s Restaurant for five years without any serious incidents, but recently she was touched inappropriately¬†by a customer when he slapped her on the bum.

CCTV footage captured Clarence H. Locke Jr. very clearly grabbing Adair on her bum while she delivered menus. What’s even worse about this situation is that Locke did this while his wife was using the restroom.

The CCTV footage from the incident is now circulating around the internet. If you’d like to watch it, it is posted below. Hopefully, it will show that this sort of behavior will no longer be tolerated and that it does come with consequences:

Adair describes the event in her own words:

“The whole situation just blew me over. I was in shock. I have never had anything like that happen to me before. The customer and his wife came in together. As I went over to take his order he reached as far as he could just to reach me and smack my butt pretty hard.”

“I froze up. It was degrading and embarrassing, and completely out of the blue. I got super upset about it. I just told my manager to get him out and get him away from me, then the cops came and got him arrested.”

“So many women go through this and it is not fair. I did nothing wrong and I did not deserve that,” she explained.

When the police showed up, Locke was charged with forcible touching. If Locke is found guilty, this offense can carry a maximum sentence of a year behind bars or three years probation.

Jeffrey Lanigan, Detective at the Rome, NY Police Department revealed: “The subject was at Denny’s restaurant – he is a regular there. The waitress went over to take his drinks order and she turned around to walk away and he reached out and slapped her on the butt.”

“We identified the subject using video surveillance and took him to custody,” he added.

A female colleague of Adair says she supports the decision to have Locke arrested and hopes that this shows how, even in 2018, women are still being harassed and treated inappropriately in the workplace.

“I have had comments before but they were not vulgar like that,” the colleague said. “I want to make sure he is actually punished because it is not something minor to me – it bothers me.”

And we couldn’t agree more!

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