Man Becomes The First To Tattoo His Eyeballs Totally Black And It’s As Weird As You’d Expect

Making permanent adaptations to your body is a risky decision, especially when you consider how susceptible humans are to change. Once the hype surrounding a particular fashion movement subsides, will you regret or embrace your impulsive choices?

Ultimately, a majority of the changes you could possibly make are reversible. Tattoos can now be removed, as can piercings. So, as you recline in a tattoo artists chair, you can take comfort in the fact that your boyfriend’s name can be removed from your wrist should you break up.

However, the latest tattoo craze may be a little trickier to erase at a later date…

Tattooing the entire eyeball has become to 2017 what the “tramp stamp” was to 2007. A trend. However, unlike a lower back tattoo, an eyeball alteration cannot be erased.

Similarly, you can’t get a late night eyeball tattoo and a takeaway kebab at the same time, like you can with a butterfly inking on your wrist in a dirty establishment after a heavy night on the town. Eyeball tattoos require precision and extreme care, as 28-year-old, Karan Sidhu discovered when he had both his eyeballs permanently dyed black.

The 28-year-old, who prefers to go by the name Tattoographer Karan, has his two hazel eyes transformed black in September this year by the creator of eye tattoos, Luna Cobra.

The extremely painful procedure required Karan to hold his own eyelids open, as his eye was repeatedly pierced with a cold needle. “The physical pain that demands to be felt is like a burning needle,” he explained, before adding: “I kept my eyeballs stable while the needles were in. If they’re in and you move your eyeballs it’s a risky situation, even the eye can be gone.”

Despite the extremity of the procedure, Karan, a tattoo artist himself stated that it did not hurt him. “No! It didn’t hurt me. I’d get it again and again if I had to,” he said.

But, was it worth it?

Karan is extremely happy with his decision to have his eyeballs inked. “I feel this is the most elite thing one can do in body modification. I was amazed when I first saw myself in the mirror,” the Indian native explained.

However, the public opinion of his appearance is mixed.

Before he committed to the needle, Karan sought the approval of his family. “I used to propose the idea once a week to my best friend, Dad and brother,” he explains.

“Eventually when they saw that I have great potential, that I want to explore and they knew I am 100% certain, they were happy with my decisions. I only required their affirmation after which I wouldn’t care about anyone’s opinion in the world.”

Discussing the public opinion on his individual appearance, Karan explains:

“I’ve had a mixed reaction online and admiration in reality. People often say that they get mesmerized [and] hypnotized which is surprising for me.”

“I have always been courageous in my life. I don’t quit, I don’t get affected by any not so positive opinion and I keep working towards my goals. People have appreciated my strength and efforts. That there was something I was willing to achieve and I did it, even if a massive number of people approve of it or not.”

What do you think? Do you rate Karan’s courage? Or, are you firmly convinced that he made a mistake that he’ll live to regret?

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Luckily, Karan’s procedure was a success, something that cannot be said for this model who attempted to turn her eye purple.

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