Malaysian Newspaper Under Fire For Publishing ‘How To Spot A Gay’ Checklist

The checklist was published by major Malaysian newspaper Sinar Harian and lists a number of qualities which are supposedly exclusive to LGBTQ+ people. It received international backlash on social media before Malaysian activist Arwind Kumar responded to it.

In his now-viral YouTube video, the Malaysian-born social media star dismantled the checklist's points and said that he was speaking on behalf of people "filled with so much of fear in them".

"Transgenders have been murdered in this country," he explained. "Soft or feminine guys have been bullied and harassed in such ugly ways. There's always this worry. That if I 'come out', what would happen to me? Would people beat me up? Would I be thrown into the pits of depression?"

His response to the checklist can be viewed in its entirety below:

"I was absolutely baffled by this article," activist Arwind Kumar told the BBC. "And obviously I was disappointed with how misleading the content was. It was pure nonsense."

According to the checklist, gay men frequent the gym so that they can "admire other men".

It claimed that "gay men's eyes light up when they see handsome men", and lesbians frequently hug each other and are partial to holding hands.

Women can also be identified as lesbians if they have a tendency to "belittle men".

The checklist also claimed that men with beards are gay.

Aside from the fact that these points are not rooted in any kind of fact, the publication of a list like this one will only serve to further Malaysia's persecuted LGBTQ+ community, and it could have the dangerous effect of causing straight people being accused of being gay too.


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