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So she sucked a load of dicks… I didn’t see anybody getting hurt. There are no reported deaths as a result of this drunken incident.

It seems to me the one with the more questionable morals is the person(s) who filmed this and shared it across the internet, intending to shame this girl.

The sad truth here is that, had it been an 18 year old lad going round licking women, the discussion would be about the morals of the women who participated and not the actions of the lad; we’d be hearing how the participating girls have “no self respect”, whilst saying of the man: “boys will be boys”!

If a woman does this on her own volition, it’s her “sexual liberation.”

If a woman does this on her own volition and it gets caught on camera, then it’s “sexual exploitation.” So pathetic.

Though, I can tell you, most guys don’t give a fuck about any of those guys–we’re too busy noticing the girl.

Oh, and unless you’re gay, we generally don’t use “studs” to describe other men. Maybe we’ll use “lucky bastard” instead, but not “stud.”

Who the hell thought it was appropriate to film this ? If everyone thinks what she did is so awful why did no one stop her ? She clearly got hammered and she’s only 18 for gods sake . I think the sickos are the people who use this sort of promotion to exploit vulnerable young women and then post it online . I have nothing but sympathy for her .

I realize that she is only 18. And, yes that probably means that she has a lot of growing up to do. However, I think 18 is way more than old enough to know not to put 24 dicks in your mouth while being filmed in a public venue. Call me crazy.

Oh, I love how women like you just love to rely on victimizing other women, all to justify some truly stupid acts of poor judgment.

Sure, sometimes women are truly vulnerable and there are legitimate cases of real exploitation. And it’s an awful crime when it happens.

But this situation here simply wasn’t one of them. This was just stupidity caught on camera. This was a stupid girl doing something stupid in public, caught on camera by stupid people. Hang “sympathy.”

ANd “only 18″? What, is she not old enough to use her brain? A 13-year-old could’ve had more sense not to do this. Hell, even a five-year-old is taught not to put foreign objects in their mouths. lol

Some attention-seeking girl put herself in a stupid situation in public, which got caught on phone cameras, which will naturally be shared online by someone. Of course, there will always be “defenders” who’ll excuse her as “she didn’t know what she was doing,” even though you really have no confirmation of such.

Though, I don’t see where it was so “clear” that she was hammered to begin with, since she didn’t stumble and teeter and fall over, just to suck those cocks. She seemed pretty sober enough to me to know not to go around sucking off strangers for a mere prize.

And finally, while you were busy throwing judgment around here, it sure didn’t stop you from coming here, probably taking a look at it yourself.

Why is the girl being targeted – what about the 20-odd guys that participated AND filmed this? Another example of everyday sexism….!

everyday sexism? lol, yeah a girl sucking 20 unwashed dicks in a nightclub while being filmed. happens every bloody day.

Why is the girl being targeted? To be perfectly frank, it’s because pretty much nobody cares about the guys in porn and sex tapes.

Not even most women, generally. Men are boring to behold. It’s all about the female. The girl is the star. Even straight women watch porn to watch what the women do–not the men, who are, more or less, just as placeholder.

Besides, there’s quite a different dynamic between men and women: It’s much sloppier to be cum dumpster than to toss your cum into one. In fact, “slut” even originally meant “a sloppy woman.” Thus how it evolved into meaning “a sloppy hot mess.”

And further, a chick fucks around, she’ll end up a single mom. A man fucks around, he’ll have a kid, but likely won’t have custody with the chick who was stupid enough to open her legs for a complete douchebag–as women too often do.

Sorry, ladies. Not justifying things here. Just being candid here. Truth is often ugly.

And by the way, this isn’t sexism. It’s just exploitation of someone’s unfortunate stupidity.

As long as the boys were all White it’s not terrible. They’re young …

I haven’t seen the video .. but read it was all done in under 2 minutes? If that’s the case it’s even less of a deal because there’s no way she climaxed 20 some in that short of time.

If I had an 18 year old girl sucking on my penis 2-3 seconds would be all it takes…#premature ejaculation

And people are going mental about this lol ive seen better in my backyard on a saturday night

If the sexes were reversed instead of disgust and scorn, that this girl is a ‘slxt’ there would probably be a lot of back slapping,

congratulating the guy for nailing so many women at once. But sadly that is an ‘honor’ only reserved for men as men can be ‘slxts’ (studs) where as women are expected to be virtuous.

Of course it will be interesting to see what happens once the girl’s identity is finally leaked ….

So you’re saying that she’s a star and that you’d quite happily put your tongue in her mouth. Or do you actually have a fcuking point?

The men are dinks, too. The only reason some people slap a “guy on the back for nailing so many women” is because they’re a bunch of losers who need to stick together to support their idiocy.

standards should be different between the sexes to a point , that’s natural. Since these are all young Whites it’s not that big of a deal. Rather see her slobbing a circle of beautiful White phallus’ than one non White.

Only just saw this. Women call women sluts. Man are not to blame for that stance. Always eyeing each other up and down.they made there own bed.

Well… A key that opens many locks is called a “Master Key”.
A lock that opens with any key is worth nothing!!

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