Macklemore’s Grandma Just Turned 100 And He Threw Her The Best Party Ever

We're all guilty of loving our grandparents just a little too much, I mean how couldn't we - they protected us from our parent's ire, and showered us in love, affection... and presents.  The majority of us formed a close bond with our grandparents, who are just far removed enough from our parents to make them something akin to friends. Certainly, grandparents encapsulate all the best bits of having parents; instead of doubt and criticism, you have unconditional love and support - amongst, you know, more presents. So however much we may get irritated by their ineptitude when it comes to technology or their borderline obsessive compulsiveness over us being fed, we have to admit that they are simply the best.

But as in most relationships, time tends to take its toll and we eventually find ourselves drifting away from nan and granddad. We stop going round regularly what with university, work and friends and eventually even that contact slows down till it is just a monthly phone call. This most definitely isn't the case for Seattle-born rapper Macklemore, however, who remains adorably close to his grandparents. The hip-hop star's nan, Helen, recently celebrated her 100th birthday and Macklemore decided to throw her a huge birthday bash, which he documented in his new music video.

Rappers' music videos are known to feature booze of the champagne variety and scantily clad women. But Macklemore broke that stereotype when he released a music video for his latest single, Glorious, which documented the day that he spent with his grandma Helen to celebrate her 100th birthday.


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