Man Loses Wedding Ring On His Honeymoon, 10 Years Later, Coworker Stuns Him

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, in life you’re inevitably going to lose something which means a lot to you. Be it a family member, a prized possession or something with significant sentimental value, accidents happen and nothing is safe.

Russell McMillan learned that the hard way when, four days into his honeymoon in Fiji, he lost his wedding ring in the ocean. The incident, which occurred in 2008, could have been seen as a bad omen for the newlyweds if it wasn’t for an extremely coincidental exchange a decade later.

Russell, a farmer from Queensland, and his wife Alana truly thought they’d never see the binding piece of jewelry again.

Despite a frantic search of the ocean, no trace of the ring was ever found. “We looked for maybe half an hour but we truly didn’t believe we would find it in the ocean, we thought we’d never see it again,” 33-year-old Alana told Daily Mail Australia.

So it was a shock for the couple, who now have two young children, when they were reunited with the wedding band 10 years later after a random conversation between Russell and a work colleague shed some light on the mystery.

“About two weeks ago Russell was talking to his colleague Will over beers when they both realized they’d stayed at the same resort in Fiji,” Alana said. Of course, Russell told the story of his missing wedding ring. But this time, there was to be a twist…

“Russell mentioned he’d lost a ring 10 years ago and Will said he found a ring eight years ago while he was in high school holidaying with his parents. Will remembered the ring was covered in moss and he gave it to his parents to keep safe. But Russell thought it couldn’t be his because it was a decade ago.”

Russell and Alana were convinced that the ring Will found could not be theirs. However, their curiosity led them to investigate further. After some intense analysis, 39-year-old Russel realized that his workmate had found his wedding ring just two years after he’d lost it.

“Will called his parents and asked if they still had the ring,” Alana recalls. They did and two days later Russell was reunited with the silver band. Comparing the ring Will had found to the McMillan’s wedding photos, it was clear to see the ring was an exact match.

“The whole thing is mind-blowing, I can’t believe it still,” Alana said. “It’s unbelievable. When it came back to us, I was like ‘oh my god that just doesn’t happen’. I pushed it onto Russell’s finger and now he can’t get it off. It’s a bit faded, the detail just looks old but that’s normal because it was in the ocean for two years.”

To add a final fairytale touch to the tale, Alana and Russell will be headed back to the same resort to celebrate their 10 year anniversary.

“Our 10 year anniversary this year is a big deal. Life is really good at the moment and it’s been a really nice way to start the year,” Alana said. “The ring adds to that, it’s an awesome year to find it and it’s nice for me too, it’s so sweet to see a ring on his finger.”

What were the chances?! We doubt there are many stories similar to that of the McMillan’s and their missing wedding ring. Let’s hope that when they return to Fiji they manage to keep hold of all of their possessions!

Russell isn’t the first or last person to lose a precious ring. When this metal detector enthusiast discovered a huge gold ring in the dirt, he thought he’d hit the jackpot. But his conscience made him return it to its rightful owner…

When the man was reunited with his ring, which had been missing for 50 years, he did something totally unexpected. This video will restore your faith in humanity!

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