Lost Dog Returns Home With “Lumpy” Skin, Then Vets Tell The Owners…

One of the saddest things about our beloved pets is that they can’t tell us when they’re in pain. However, the best pet owner who are close to their pets will always be able to read the subtle signs that not everything is okay.

This particular story I am about to tell, is about a dog who was totally and utterly afraid of people and the potential harm humans could cause it. But after hearing his story, you’ll understand why! After this animal rescuer noticed this abandoned pooch had “lumpy” skin, she quickly realized something was wrong…

1. Shauna Bauer The Animal Rescuer

Shauna Bauer has worked as an animal rescuer in Florida for more than thirty years. She loves her job and does it well. She knows everything there is to know about getting an animal out of a tricky situation whether that be a dog in an abusive home or a cat that is stuck somewhere in a tree.

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She became known, within the local area, for her loving nature and passion for animal justice…

2. Shauna’s Reputation

It was because of this reputation that people would often get in touch with her, if they felt an animal was in danger etc. She received many calls from people about all sorts of tricky situations involving animals. She was touched by the confidence people had in her, and wanted to make she did everything in her power to help every animal in danger.One day, someone got in touch with her about a dog that came to be known as Honeybee…

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Someone contacted Shauna after they saw a dog that was very evidently a stray, walking around aimlessly in the area.

3. A Concerned Person Gets In Touch With Shauna

They had tried to approach the dog in order to help it but it was clearly terrified of humans. They decided, therefore, that Shauna was the most suitable person to deal with the situation. That person was certainly right to think so, considering what Shauna was able to do for the poor dog…

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Shauna made her way over to the neighborhood in question. The dog was still very much in fear of anyone that came near it.

4. Shauna’s Perseverance

She didn’t know she was going to be able to put a lead on the dog’s head – everytime she came near the dog, it retreated! Fortunately, Shauna’s three decades as an animal rescuer had seen her deal with some very challenging situations, she was prepared to wait until the bitter end before she gave up

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Shauna made sure there was food and water in plain sight for the dog and she was pleased to see that the dog ate and drank from it.

5. The Dog’s Apprehension

“She was absolutely running from me,” Shauna told the show Right This Minute. “Deciding that I’m going to get away from this person and I’m going to swim if I have to.” This case was a particularly noteworthy one for Shauna, and think about it, she’s been an animal rescuer for over thirty years! That’s a testament intense the situation was. And the story just gets more and more heartbreaking from here on out.

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Shauna had dealt with many dogs like Honeybee throughout her long career…

6. Had The Dog Been Abused By Humans?

She had dealt with dogs who had been so severely abused that they were totally wary of humans. Had Honeybee also been subjected to an abusive owner? It certainly seemed so, the way she was acting seemed to indicate that she had experienced some kind of trauma…

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Eventually, Shauna was able to get closer to the dog without it running for the hills.

7. The Lumps

However, Shauna noticed something strange – the dog was covered in lumps. She wondered what had caused them – were they a kind of birth mark or did they have a far more sinister explanation? Although she was an expert in rescuing animals, there was no way she could tell what exactly the lumps were – she had never seen anything so extraordinary before!

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Not only was she able to get closer to the dog but soon enough Honeybee let her stroke her…

8. Physical Contact

It was a beautiful moment! It had taken so long but Honeybee had let her in just a little! Stroking a dog is such a great way for a person to bond with a dog, to deepen a connection. However, Shauna began to feel many bumps within Honeybee’s fur. It was alarming! Did Honeybee have some kind of disease?

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 As soon as she was able to, Shauna took Honey to nearest vet…

9. A Daunting Trip To The Vet

However, she was very worried that there was something seriously wrong with the dog, the lumps didn’t look good…

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Just when Shauna thought had discovered the most eerie things in all the dog cases she had seen..

10. The Magnet

Shauna moved a magnet across Honeyboo’s body and she noticed something very, very eerie! There was something inside of Honeybee that was attracting the magnet – had she swallowed metal? What else could it have been? How could metal possibly have gotten into the dog’s body? It was extremely peculiar…

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The X-ray results revealed…

11. The Nasty Truth

After an X-ray examination on the dog, it became clear that the lumps were not due to illness, the truth was far more disturbing that. The bumps were shotgun pellets. Someone had shot the dog dozens and dozens of times – body now contained the pellets that she had been shot with.

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Unfortunately, it wasn’t just that her body contained pellets, she had also had quite seriously infected wounds from being shot.

12. How Bad Was The Injury?

The vets commented that this was the worst case they had ever seen.”I don’t think anybody expected it to be that severe,” Shauna told Right This Minute. The more they learnt about the injuries that Honeybee sustained, the more shocked they became. It was all very startling!

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The damage that the shotgun had caused had spread from her head down to other parts of her body…

13. More Bad News

Anytime you hear of something an infection or disease spreading, you know that it’s bad news. When cancer spreads, it’s a very telling sign, that the patient has a fair chance of not making it through. In fact, vets soon found hundreds of pellets all around her body. It was a startling and horrendous find. How many times had this person shot at the dog, did they shoot at it, until all their pellets had run out?

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It was beyond belief that anyone would want to hurt this dog…

14. Shauna’s Immense Sadness For The Dog

Shauna was absolutely distraught that anyone could be so cruel to this to a poor defenseless dog who had done absolutely no harm to anyone. “In my opinion, someone intentionally shot her,” the vet told Right This Minute. Although it would be nice to think that it was all an accident and the dog had merely swallowed something which had attracted her curiosity, this doesn’t appear to be the case.

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The shotgun pellets were starting to come out of Honeybee’s body on their own!

15. Some Hope For Honeybee’s Recovery?

This meant that they didn’t need to be surgically removed. Unfortunately, Honeybee’s torturers were never found. Hopefully, one day, there will some sort of lead, some witnesses that come forward, to bring these disgraceful cowards to justice. No-one should be able to get away with harming any living being…

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After a slew of bad news, some good news are in order…

16. Good News For Honeybee

Vets have stated their belief that Honeybee will recover from the wounds she sustained as a result of the attack.

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After the whole deal, the TV show Right This Minute learnt of the distressing story…

17. Honeybee’s Story Is Given National Coverage

Honeybee’s story also was also depicted in a YouTube video in March of this year which over 20,000 watched!

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The world, just like Shauna, was distraught that such a horrific thing could happen to such a beautiful and loving dog…

18. What Did The World Have To Say About Honeybee?

“It’s so horrible and very sad what people do to animals,” read one comment on Facebook. “God bless you all for saving the dog, I hope she finds a loving home very soon.” Meanwhile, another person added, “Thank you for helping this poor baby. Praying for a forever loving home for the doggie.”

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Soon, Honeybee had morphed from a picture of suffering into an utterly adorable little dog. “I mean, look at her,” Bauer said in her interview with Right This Minute. “Would you ever want to do anything to this beautiful dog?”

19. Honeybee’s Journey

Hopefully, it won’t be long until Honeybee finds the perfect forever home. In the meantime, she’s learning how to trust humans once again. So while she might take a little while to come round to people, according to Bauer, “She’s worth every minute.

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