Tom Hardy Spits Bars On Secret Rap Tracks From Leaked 1999 Mixtape

Despite being one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars, Tom Hardy is incredibly down to Earth. The 40-year-old British actor, famous for his iconic performances in The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and Inception, is known for his rather unconventional approach to Hollywood, in which he tends to shun traditional red carpet events in favor of more understated events.

However, his reluctance to let Tinseltown swallow him up is contradictory to his early career where the aspiring actor craved attention from anyone who would pay it to him.

Just think back to the discovery of his defunct MySpace page, in which a youthful Hardy seductively flaunted his model good looks to the appreciation of his adoring fans all over the world.

While Hardy’s modeling career was shortlived – he was discovered in 1998 at the age of 21 after signing up for a British breakfast show’s ‘Find Me A Supermodel’ competition – he would eventually solidify himself as one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks. But first, he tried his hand at another career path…

His thirst for recognition led the Dunkirk actor to dabble in a music career, selling CD’s out of a rucksack around London in a bid to get his name in the public eye.

Whilst it was ultimately his acting that got him his big break – Hardy’s moment to shine came in 2001 when he made his feature film debut in Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down – his rap records are something to behold.

Made in 1999, with his friend Ed Tracy, Hardy’s album is an interesting insight the BAFTA winner’s mind. Under the stage name ‘Tommy No 1 + Eddie Too Tall’ the two youngsters released 18 tracks on their self-recorded and self-released album Falling On Your Arse in 1999.

The quirky mixtape, which will have you instantly reminisce about the ’90s, never garnered Hardy (or his forgotten friend, Eddie Too Tall) much attention, so it’s lucky that the London-born star focused his attention to acting.

“It was an important time for me to stand on my own and do what I thought was important,” Hardy once said of his rap career, which he started when he was “14 or 15 [years old].”

As with Hardy’s infamous Myspace photos his rapping tracks have now been unearthed, and again people absolutely love his work – can he do no wrong? “Tom Hardy has a secret 90s rap album – and it’s actually good,” wrote one fan on Twitter, while another typed: “Tom Hardy seriously could’ve had a solid rap career.”

“Tom Hardy’s rap mixtape came to save the earth and humanity,” another fan wrote. “Y’all, Tom Hardy’s rap mixtape from 1999 actually cranks, like it sounds legit bruh some real 90s hip hop shit,” typed another.

Despite this success, Hardy has no immediate plans to release music as an actual artist. “Unless I’m playing a rapper in something I can’t see myself straying off and doing it. But who knows? Maybe I’ll have an album when I’m 80,” the father-of-two told BBC Newsbeat earlier this year.

Whilst we would love to hear him experiment with rap, we can’t help but hope he stays loyal to film. With Mad Max: The Wasteland on its way, we can’t imagine anyone else playing the eccentric lead!

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