Leonardo DiCaprio Seen Having Lunch Date With Jaden Smith’s Model Ex-Girlfriend

Leonardo DiCaprio has frequently been hailed as being one of the sexiest men on the planet. From a smooth-faced young heartthrob in Titanic, to a bear-wrestling beast of a man in The Revenant – there’s no denying the fact that the man oozes handsomeness.

I often ask myself if I could ever be as attractive as Leo, but deep down I know the answer is:

However, as the actor has gotten older, one thing you would expect to change is the age of the girls he dates.

Over his illustrious career, the 43-year-old Oscar winner has been romantically linked with some of the most beautiful women in existence – many of them outrageously gorgeous supermodels and cover girls.

This is because the man looks like he was designed by a committee of goddesses whose only mission was to create a man that would be found invariably attractive around the world over the span of his lifetime by both men and women alike.

Yes, it’s safe to say that the Inception star has never been short of offers when it comes to beautiful women accompanying down the red carpet. Let’s just take a look back at his former flames:

Bridget Hall

In 1994, the young up-and-coming actor dated model and Vogue cover girl Bridget Hall.

Naomi Campbel

Then, in 1995 the star dated the globally recognized supermodel and timeless beauty, Naomi Campbel.

Kristen Zang

Next up was actress Kristen Zang, whom he had a brief romance with back in 1996.

Gisele Bündchen

Then, in 2003, DiCaprio started dating his long-time love, Brazillian model Gisele Bündchen. The pair dated for over five years, and many thought the actor had finally settled down.

Bar Refaeli

Then, in 2010, DiCaprio entered into his second-longest with Israeli model Bar Refaeli.

Blake Lively

In 2011, DiCaprio then took a brief break from dating beautiful models and dated beautiful actress Blake Lively instead.

Erin Heatherton

Then in 2012 DiCaprio dated Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton. Their relationship lasted 10 months.

Toni Garrn

DiCaprio’ last high-profile relationship lasted for 18 months, and was with German Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn.

Yes, it really is a who’s who of women who would never date me…

But one important thing to point out about Leo’s consistently attractive exes, is that at no time was there a “cause for concern” over an age difference. It’s certainly true that celebrities do appear more likely to engage in relationships with noticeable age gaps, but it always seemed that with DiCaprio, the older he got, the older his romantic interests got.

However, a picture that has surfaced online has certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been busy in New York this week, as he was attending the Christie’s auction of Leonardo da Vinci’s painting “Salvator Mundi (Savior of the World)”.

Now, the big news coming from this story should be the fact the painting sold for an eye-watering $450 million to an unknown buyer. But media outlets have been focusing more on DiCaprio’s choice of lunch date on Wednesday; 22-year-old model Sarah Snyder.

If you’re unfamiliar with Sarah Snyder, then you may recognize her for being that young woman who used to date the much-closer-to-her-own-age 19-year-old Jaden Smith.

The model also hit the headlines in controversial fashion back in 2016, after she was acquitted of stealing a $15,995 Hermès purse from the Route 117 Bypass Shopping Center in Katonah, NY. Eeek.

The pair were snapped by the paparazzi having dinner at Estiatorio Milos with an intimate group of friends.

And although the picture has certainly got tongues wagging and rumors circulation of a romantic connection between the two, a source has revealed to Page Six that DiCaprio and Snyder are “just friends” and that they were there enjoying lunch with “larger group of people.”

They also confirmed that the Oscar winner did indeed leave the restaurant alone in a Lyft.

So, let’s take their word for now and accept that the two are just friends.

BUT what if it was revealed that DiCaprio and Snyder are romantically involved? Would that 21 year age difference be a little too high? Would you find it creepy? Would it guarantee disaster for the pair? Or could it be considered absolutely fine in 2017?

Large age differences in relationships have always been a source of gossip and taboo in the world, and some people seem to love attacking those in relationships where one party is considerably older than the other. However, as this couple prove, age is just a number, and love can blossom regardless of how old somebody is:

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