Leaked Video From Inside A Chicago Prison Reveals Terrifying Riot

If Orange is the New Black, The Shawshank Redemption and American History X have taught me anything, it’s that being in prison is a less than enjoyable experience. Given my enjoyment of taking showers alone and not getting stabbed with a sharpened toothbrush handle, it’s fair to say I’ll be doing my utmost to remain out of the joint for as long as humanly possible. For those of you not quite convinced of the horrors of prison who are doubting how crazy things can get on the inside, I implore you to watch this video.

It comes from Cooks County Jail in Chicago. Although Chicago is the hometown of a number of prominent figures in pop culture and history, this video of a riot breaking out in the maximum security ward is reminiscent of Al Capone or John Wayne Gacy rather than Barack Obama or Michael Crichton. This is a shocking example of the more brutal side of humanity. Turn to the next page to watch this terrifying prison riot.

The maximum security section of the Cook County Jail in Chicago was the venue for a quite terrifying riot, in which five people injured. The entire incident was caught by surveillance in the prison, and the video below is candid footage of what went down.

The following video is of an extremely violent and graphic nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

The prison riot sparks, escalates and is broken up within a minute and a half, but an insane amount goes down in those ninety seconds. It’s not quite clear why everyone’s in such a fighting mood, but we can see pretty clearly the moment that everything turns to chaos.

A number of prisoners mercilessly attack their fellow inmates until the guards step in with stun guns, defusing the conflict before things could get worse. A spokesman for the prison, Cara Smith, released a statement describing the damage caused by the fight: “It was brought under control quickly, but we do have five inmates who suffered injuries.”

According to Smith, four of the injured inmates were awaiting trial on murder charges, and the fifth was in custody following an armed robbery investigation. She also added that the puncture wounds found on some of the injured inmates were caused by sharpened parts of inhalers. Sadly, a fight happpened in the same facility last October, as can be seen in the video below.

It’s easy to think that the violence we see in movie and television prisons is exaggerated for maximum dramatic effect, but sometimes those brutal prison fights are an accurate representation of what goes down in prison. If you weren’t already, I’d like to ask you to not do anything that might result in getting placed in one of these areas.

Thanks to this video, we all know how much of a dangerous place a prison can be. But sometimes the prisoners aren’t the only ones to blame. In a juvenile prison in Australia guards have been caught torturing the inmates on camera.

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