Three Things You Missed In the Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones

Until season seven, Game of Thrones was a relatively slow-moving show. Now there are dramatic plot advancements in every episode, and, with so much going on, it’s easy for fans to miss key elements of each episode. But fear not, we’ve compiled a list of three things you probably missed in the latest episode ”Beyond the Wall”.

As the battle of the Iron Throne heats up, questions have arisen about who is fit to sit on the throne. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros are far from united, and it’s going to take a strong leader to bring them together. However, we all know that these questions about the Iron Throne will be redundant if the Night King wins…

1. Daenerys isn’t fit to sit on the Iron Throne

Before the action kicks off in the North when Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch go on their doomed journey to try and capture a White Walker, Tyrion briefly criticizes Daenerys as a ruler, reminding her of a promise she made in season five not to become like her father the Mad King.

“Fear is all Cersei has,” Tyrion says. ”It’s what my father had, and Joffrey. It makes their power brittle, because everyone beneath them longs to see them dead.”

”[My father] got quite a long way on fear,” Daenerys replies.

In season five, Daenerys poignantly said that she was going to break the wheel and instead of ruling through fear, she’d rule through virtue. However, she’s a bit vague about exactly how she’s doing to do it. As this season has progressed, Daenerys has shown that she’s more than willing to use fear to force people into bending the knee. I mean, was it really necessary to kill Rickon-Dickon and Randyll Tarly in episode five? I don’t think so.

We’ve seen Daenerys grow so much over the course of the show. She’s grown from being sold by her brother to the Dothraki into a powerful leader who has got a serious chance of sitting on the Iron Throne, but in ”Beyond the Wall” Tyrion suggests that unless she changes her tactics, she might not be the right person to sit on it. So that begs the question – who else would it be? Well, it’s a long-held fan theory that Jon Snow is a Targaryen too, and he has shown a lot more virtue than Daenerys.

When most people meet their fate, that’s the end of that. However, as we all know, Jon Snow was miraculously brought back from the dead by the Red Woman, who claimed she’d been given the power by the Lord of Light, but there was a tiny detail in this episode that suggests Jon Snow has now got some of her power…

2. Jon Snow Appears To Have Supernatural Powers Now

After being plunged into icy water during the battle with the dead, Jon Snow miraculously resurfaces. But I can almost guarantee that you didn’t notice what happened to his sword Longclaw at this moment – the wolf carved on top of the sword opens its eyes! If that’s not a strong hint that he’s more than human now, I don’t know what is.

We all know that Daenerys is powerful, but maybe Jon’s supposed Targaryen heritage is also coming to the fore, and he’s showing that he’s inherited some of his father’s magical power, which would make him a fit ruler for the Iron Throne. The hopeless romantic in me is hoping that he does it with Daenery’s by his side…

One of the things that makes Game of Thrones unique is the fact that we’ve watched its protagonists grow and develop over a long period of time. However, given that season one aired way back in 2011, it’s easy to forget just how far some of them have come since the beginning, especially Arya and Sansa.

3. Sansa and Ayra Have Officially Gotten What They Wanted

In this episode, Sansa critisises Arya, claiming that she wouldn’t have survived the horrors she’s endured. Whilst Arya and Sansa might not see eye to eye now, in reality, ”Beyond the Walls” is proof that they’ve now got what they’ve always wanted.

Sansa dreamed of nobility as a young girl (specifically as a queen) and whilst her quest to obtain it brought her heartache – especially when she was in the Lannister court and eventually married off to Ramsay Bolton – she’s now Lady of Winterfell, which isn’t that far removed from what she wanted to begin with!

Whereas Arya dreamed of becoming a powerful fighter, and after travelling through Westeros, she’s become one of the most skilled fighters on the show – who, despite her comparatively small stature, is able to rival Brienne of Tarth’s military prowess.

It’s anyone’s guess what will happen next, but there’s no doubt that we’re in for one hell of a ride as season seven progresses. After all, there’s now a White Walker dragon on the lose, and I’m no expert on military battle, but I’ve got a feeling that it could easily take down the two living dragons Daenerys has left…

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