Lace-Up Jeans Are The Latest Bizarre Fashion Trend

Somehow I doubt getting a perfect fit is too much of an issue, considering there really isn't enough fabric to be too big or too tight. Surely one could just pull the laces a little tighter or loosen them up. Yet, these pants do come is a wide range of dress sizes, from an XS to 3X.

However, if you're looking to buy a pair, then you may be out of luck. Every size is sold out online! It turns out plenty of folks were willing to spend $49.95 on this latest trend despite it seeming like barely $10 worth of material was used in these so-called pants.

But $49.95 is actually reasonable considering the high cost of some of the other denim trends making their way through the masses. Convertable jorts, which are jeans that tear away to become shorts, were retailing from a New York company for a whopping $425 bucks last year.

What's even crazier is that Net-A-Porter carried a $405 denim "belt" earlier this year. It was literally just the top portion of a pair of jeans cut off and worn around the waist. I could definitely make this for less than five bucks.


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