This Is How Kylie Jenner Will Finally Reveal Her Pregnancy To The World

I am not a patient person, so the mystery surrounding Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is driving me to distraction. Who? What? How? and most importantly, when?!

The 20-year-old reality television star has been taunting us for months now about her pregnancy status – so long, in fact, that many fans have begun to speculate that she’s already given birth to the baby – and the world is now impatiently awaiting answers.

The issue is this; Kylie Jenner built her whole career off the back of people like you and me, who bought into the whole Kardashian empire and made them what they are today – one of Hollywood’s most powerful families. So her refusal to include us in her pregnancy journey feels like a slap in the face, albeit, with a very well manicured hand.

To those who have loyally followed the makeup mogul, her radio silence speaks volumes.

Only eight months ago the California-native would share every mundane minute of her day via Snapchat or Instagram, but now, fans have been left putting together the pieces of the youngest Kar-Jenner’s life after she became more elusive than Kanye when the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras start rolling.

However, for those who cannot wait any longer, it appears that the news we have all been waiting for could be here…

We thought it would happen during Kris Jenner’s Instagram Countdown to Christmas, but instead, we were all played when the matriarch and ‘momager’ revealed her family Christmas postcard with everyone present other than Kylie (and Rob, but they stopped caring about him a long time ago).

As the latest series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians hits television screens around the world, fans are being enticed in by the news of a big reveal. In fact, the news is “so big” that it demands two consecutive nights on air.

The promotional clip for the episodes show the whole Kardashian/Jenner clan shocked (real or faux, we don’t know) as Kylie talks to them via FaceTime.

The news is most likely that of Khloe’s pregnancy, which was revealed a few days before Christmas. However, the genuine surprise in Kourtney’s eyes may hint that it is Kylie who is the center of the story.

If it is news of Khloe’s pregnancy then that still doesn’t explain why Kylie is having to be informed via FaceTime. Surely with this sort of news, she’d be expected to be physically present? Or, could this hint that the two nights are to be dedicated to one pregnancy each, Khloe then Kylie? After all, neither of the girls are ones who are happy to share the spotlight!

Hold on tight, this is looking like it could be an interesting ride – or, if Kris’ Christmas card reveal is anything to go by, it could be the most anti-climatic moment of the year!

At least we still have Kim and Kanye’s third pregnancy (via surrogate) to look forward too!

But, did they leave this big reveal a little too late? This video clearly seems to suggest they did, as Khloe awkwardly tries to deny Kylie’s pregnancy on The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

Do you think she gave the game away? Her eyes certainly seem to say a lot…

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