Kylie Jenner Has Removed Her Lip Fillers And People Are Freaking Out

Kylie Jenner has not yet celebrated her 21st birthday, but already the reality superstar is a household name with a multi-million dollar business, reality television show, a newborn baby, and one of the world’s largest Instagram followings.

Of course, this success can be largely attributed to her sister’s fame, for without Kim’s infamous ‘leaked’ tape, would the Kardashian clan be remotely relevant today? Probably not.

There is no doubt that Kylie’s celebrity status is the result of the family’s reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which premiered in 2007 – when she was just 10-years-old.

However, there is also a compelling case to suggest that Kylie’s fame is the result of her own hard graft.

After all, would her Lip Kits really have sold out within minutes of their first release if it hadn’t been for Kylie’s cosmetically crafted pout? Would the world have been interested in buying her beauty products if it wasn’t for Kylie’s dedication to the selfie? Unlikely.

I mean, if you need any proof of her power, just remember the time she lost Snapchat $1.5 billion in one day after saying this…

There is a great deal of work that goes into being one of the most famous people on the planet. For example, maintaining your relevance is a daily struggle – just ask Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, two of the world’s most popular ‘it’ girls before their crown was unceremoniously stolen by the Kardashians.

This need to always be newsworthy means that those in the spotlight have to continually change to suit the present cultural mood. When you realize this, you can suddenly begin to understand every single stunt the Kardashians have ever pulled.

From Kim’s 72 day marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries to Kourtney’s bizarre relationship with pop star Justin Bieber. Of course, we can’t forget Kendall’s feature in the tone-deaf Pepsi advert and Khloe’s headline-hogging marriage to the troubled basketball star, Lamar Odom.

Most recently, the pregnancies of both Khloe and Kylie have dominated the press for the reality star family. However, with both babies now more than a few months old, it is time for momager, Kris Kardashian, to work her magic once more and pump out bait for the press.

This time it comes in the form of Kylie’s infamous lips, which appear to be significantly smaller than ever before.

Kylie has built an entire business from her plump pout after having lip fillers in her teens after becoming insecure about the size of her smile.

Over the years they have reached an alarming size, prompting many of the 20-year-old’s most dedicated fans to question if she’d gone too far.

This, combined with her continued denial that her lips were surgically enhanced, helped to fuel the fire of speculation around her pout’s origin.

So, it’s hardly surprising that fans freaked out on Sunday when Kylie posted two new snaps to Instagram debuting her reduced lips.

Here is what her fans had to say about the new look…

Obviously, it is clear that Kylie hasn’t removed all the filler from her lips, however, there is no doubting that they are now a reduced size.

Could she be doing this for Stormi? To encourage her baby daughter to live a more natural life and feel comfortable in her on skin? Or, could she have been given a health warning about the amount of filler she had previously inserted into her lips?

Who knows? All we can say is that we don’t really think the youngest of the Kardashian Clan ever needed fillers, and she still looks absolutely stunning without them!

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