Kourtney Kardashian Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her Fourth Child

It has been reported that Kim, Kylie and Khloé are all due to give birth around the same time early next year. However, it's not known how far alone Kourtney is in her pregnancy. Kris is certainly going to have her work cut out publicizing this event.

Speaking about the imminent arrivals, an anonymous insider said:

"Khloé and Kylie are both starting to plan out their nurseries, and Kim and Kourtney are also involved in the process. All the sisters are super excited, and Kris Jenner has been helping as well. Khloé is looking for a home with Tristan, and she's thrilled they’ve taken this next step together. The whole family is being super supportive of each other."

"Even though this is a very exciting time for [Kourtney], she wants to be more private for now and is doing her best to stay out of the public eye. She feels good, but her body is changing. She doesn’t want to be photographed. At the moment, she wants more privacy. She has family and friends come to her house instead so she has company. She's very excited about the baby though. She talks about the baby nonstop. She is already shopping like crazy."

As it stands, only Kim has officially confirmed that she is expecting, however, there is no smoke without fire, and Kylie is expected to make her official pregnancy announcement in the very near future.

Sources close to the 20-year-old lip mogul are claiming that she plans to "break the internet" by announcing her pregnancy on Instagram. Her sister Kim famously broke the internet in 2014 by balancing a champagne glass on her oversized derrière.

One thing is for sure - Kris Jenner must be delighted with all the publicity that the pregnancy announcements are giving to the 10th anniversary season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

As it stands, the only members of the family who aren't pregnant are Kris and Kendall. But there's still plenty of time left for another shock announcement. At this rate, the Kardashians are running out of ways to surprise us.

Don't worry if you are struggling to keep up with the Kardashian's either. Kim's grandmother, Mary Jo, has now admitted that even she doesn't know who is and isn't pregnant.

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