Khloe Kardashian Tweets Bitter Response To Amy Schumer’s Weight-Loss Diss On SNL

Khloe Kardashian fired off a cryptic tweet on Sunday, one day after Amy Schumer very visibly and publicly mocked the Kardashian sister in a monologue on SNL.

The monologue, where the Trainwreck actress called out the entire Kardashian family as bad role models, at one point singled out Khloe’s health and weight loss journey — and it appears now that Khloe may have taken offense to Schumer’s routine!

The comic said:

“We have to be a role model for these little girls, because who do they have? All they have, literally, is the Kardashians. She doesn’t have a Malala poster in her room, trust me… and is that a great message for little girls? A whole family of women who take the faces they were born with as a light suggestion?”

 She then honed in on Khloe in particular:

“We used to have Khloe. Khloe was ours, right?… But then Khloe lost her body weight—she lost a Kendall—and we have nothing.”

Khloe hit back with a pair of Tweets:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 15.16.57[sc:MPU1]


The following day Khloe posted a workout picture to her insanely popular Twitter account:

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 15.19.46

The fact of the matter is that Khloe did lose a lot of weight. It’s a bit of a bummer because it reinforces traditional standards of beauty and stuff. But hey, if she’s happy then I guess that’s all that matters.




Before turning her signature acerbity on Khloé, Schumer lobbed a joke at the whole Kardashian clan while bemoaning the lack of good role models for young girls. You can see her full SNL monologue below:

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