Kevin Spacey’s Brother Reveals The Dark Truth About Their Childhoods

Kevin Spacey is the latest name to be added to a dirty laundry list of Hollywood celebrities accused of sexual assault. Multiple people have come forward, claiming the 58-year-old House of Cards actor sexually harassed or assaulted them.

Ster Trek: Discovery actor, Anthony Rapp, was the first to publicly associate Spacey with the recent shakedown of Hollywood abusers. Rapp, who is best known for originating the role of “Mark” in Broadway’s RENT, claims a naked Spacey climbed on top of him at a party when he was just 14 years old. Spacey would have been 26.

Since the accusations, Spacey’s career has tanked. Netflix has announced it will cancel his long running hit show, House of Cards, after the sixth season. Netflix has also requested that Spacey be written out of the series immediately. All other projects between the online streaming service and the actor have been ceased.

Now Kevin Spacey’s brother, Randy Fowler is shedding some light on the situation in a shocking interview. He claims that his brother changed his name and went into acting as a way to cope with a dark childhood plagued by abuse.

“We grew up with abuse and neglect in a house of horrors,” Fowler said. “Our violent dad whipped me with a riding crop… I’ve never had children in case that evil personality could be passed on.

“When I saw Kevin had been accused of molesting a boy of 14, the same age I was when Dad molested me, a chill ran down my spine.”

Fowler reveals he has always worried that the predisposition to be an abuser would get passed on to the next generation. He claims that he has long suspected that his brother had a dark side.

“His fans love the sinister characters he plays, but he’s not acting, that’s really him. He hid behind his acting career to maintain a secret sordid life and in reality he was a monster.”

Fowler says that Spacey turned to acting in an attempt to hide who he really was. He changed his name and created the character of “Kevin Spacey” in part to distance himself from his family, but also to hide his sexuality.

“He struggled with his sexuality, always denying he was gay,” revealed Fowler. “On stage he pretended to be somebody else. It gave him power, transformed him.”

That power fuelled Spacey’s predisposition to commit monstrous acts, all the while hiding behind the mask of a well-respected, Oscar winning actor. His real life plays out like a storyline for Frank Underwood, his machiavellian House of Cards character.

Fowler claims that Spacey has been trying to reinvent himself for a very long time. He says that in interviews, Spacey would frequently lie and tell stories about his upbringing that didn’t happen to him.

“He’d been trying to lie about who he was for years. In interviews he reinvented his entire childhood. He once claimed he’d broken an officer’s leg at military school, but that was me.”

It seems Spacey mined quite a bit of Fowler’s experiences to provide a fake backstory for his Hollywood “character”.

“Another time he said he burnt down a building at the back of our house, but that was me too when I burned our chicken coop,” Fowler added.

Fowler says he felt like Spacey abandoned their family. He has only seen his brother five time in nearly 30 years, not because they fell out, but because as Spacey got more famous, he wanted to distance himself from his past.

He says the actor sold out to fame and fortune, but that Spacey was just a ticking time bomb and that the truth would eventually be revealed.

“He has used his fame, power and money to prey on those more vulnerable than him. This behaviour has been going on for decades.”

Fowler, who lives in Idaho and has found local fame as a successful Rod Stewart impersonator, says he came to terms with his childhood demons while his brother never did.

“Our father was a Nazi-loving monster who raped and beat me from the age of 14,” Fowler alleges, but also adds about his brother, “I just hope he gets the help he needs so nobody else is harmed by him.”

Spacey’s career is almost certainly over. He has been fired from all current acting and producing jobs, and his agent has dumped him amid more and more of his alleged victims coming forward.

Spacey’s publicist announced his was seeking treatment, but the gesture was buried in the recent news that eight House of Cards staff members have reported sexual assault at the hands of the actor.

While it is uncertain whether or not Spacey will ever act again, it can be said for sure that his reputation will never recover.

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