Kendall Jenner Reportedly Fled Restaurant After Pet Doberman Bit A Child

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but it’s no secret that when they’re annoyed or haven’t received proper training, they can quickly turn into our worst nightmare. In 2017, 989 dogs were reportedly involved in the deaths or disfigurement of humans in the US alone. Unfortunately, when such incidents occur, even if they aren’t so serious, the dogs involved are usually destroyed.

So, naturally, when news emerged that Kendall Jenner’s pet Doberman had reportedly attacked a young child at a Deli in Los Angeles, it was going to be front page news, especially as it’s a breed which, whether true or not, has long been associated with canine violence. The incident apparently happened when the 22-year-old was having lunch with her beau Ben Simmons.

The model and her NBA star boyfriend had chosen to dine at the Beverly Glen Deli on Sunday morning when the alleged bite took place. However, it has also been reported that the child in question, a girl, did not sustain a serious injury, she was “simply administered ice from inside”. But what makes this incident truly shocking was that Kendall herself fled the scene.

The 22-year-old and her boyfriend reportedly left money on their table and left while the girl was being treated for her injury.

Pictured below is a snap of Kendall’s Doberman which she shared on Instagram:

According to TMZ, when the girl’s mother realized that Kendall had left, she called 911 to report the incident to Animal Control.

Despite the fact that reps for Kendall have been contacted about the alleged bite, she has yet to speak out about the incident.

Since May of this year, the 22-year-old Victoria’s Secret model has shared pictures of her Doberman on social media, including this video of the dog barking which demonstrates just how bad a bite from the animal has the potential to be:

Kendall captioned the video above, “She’ll get yuh [sic].”

In one picture of her pooch, Kendall even wrote the caption, “cute but she’ll rip your face off.”

Regardless of whether these comments were made in jest or not, in light of the accusations which have been made against Kendall’s Doberman, they do not reflect her pet in a good light – or the 22-year-old for that matter.

After fleeing the restaurant, presumably aware that her dog had harmed a small child, the model stopped at a games store with Simmons, who she is reportedly trying to keep her relationship with as “private” as possible.

A source recently told People magazine of the couple’s relationship: “She’s being very private about her relationship with Ben. Kendall’s really different from her sisters in that sense.”

“She honestly doesn’t want people talking about who she’s dating and is very protective of her personal life. She hates the attention and it’s been annoying that the drama with Tinashe has come up.”

“Things are definitely heating up though and she’s having a good time with him,” the source continued. “She’s excited to spend the summer with Ben. Over the last year, she also slowed down some of her work and took a break from the runway.”

But the end of Kendall’s summer might not be as idyllic as she’d have hoped. The alleged bite from her Doberman has caused a great deal of controversy on the 22-year-old’s Instagram post about her pooch having the ability to rip someone’s face off.

“Seem like he would bite a child’s face off. Today he bit a kid,” wrote Instagram user @mblathrop65.

While people obviously can’t control their pets absolutely, many were rightfully outraged by the allegation that Kendall had left the Deli without even checking to see if the child who had been bitten was okay.

“Then don’t have it around people,” wrote @a_lyn24. “Should be common sense. And Disgusting [sic] you took off & didn’t check to see if that child was ok. What if that was one of your nieces or nephews?!”

In this vein, @alfredepiper remarked, “Kendall’s turning into what everybody expected a rich entitled fool.”

Others were angry about what Kendall’s comment about her dog ripping someone’s face off said about the breed as a whole.

“Please, please, please don’t encourage or glorify this behavior. It only makes people feel a naturally sweet breed,” pleaded @dfwcaninesforveterans.

“Please take your Doberman to training,” suggested @o.kurrr. “I’m sure this could be blown out of proportion BUT to prove the haters wrong and to prove this breed is so loving, which I know since I have one, please try making her an akc canine good citizen and get her obedience impeccable! It will save your dog being ripped apart by the tabloids.”

Because the facts in this situation have yet to be established, some people argued for judgments to be reserved until then.

“You can’t just assume the dog was in [the] wrong,” wrote maddox225. “And we don’t know all the facts. And the press is just telling u what u want to hear to be sure it’s juicy enough to get attention. Don’t just assume people.”

Given the amount of media attention that this story has received and the fact that the authorities have been contacted by the child’s mother, we can only hope that Kendall responds in a timely manner and deals with the situation appropriately.

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