Here Is Why Kate Middleton Can Wear A Tiara And Meghan Markle Can’t

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have watched enough Disney films to know that it’s a princess’ prerogative to wear a tiara whenever she pleases. After all, it’s what she rightly deserves, considering the turbulent journey that those fictional princesses have to endure in order to have their happily ever after with Prince Charming.

If we’re being honest – and slightly shallow – it’s the jewels that are the most attractive thing about marrying into royalty in the first place – you can’t honestly tell me that 20-year-old Princess Diana’s decision to marry a man 13 years her senior wasn’t in the tiniest bit influenced by the fact that he had access to some of the world’s most impressive jewels on her head, because I won’t believe you.

Of course, love is the most important element of any union. But, you can be easily fooled into loving someone when they propose to you with a rock that looks like it’s put more hours in at the gym than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

So when Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle with a blinding piece of bling, it was presumed – by even those with the best intentions for the happy couple – that the 36-year-old American actress may be committing to the rather rushed marriage in order to live out her The Princess Diaries fantasy.

Having watched Kate Middleton arrive at red carpet galas in gorgeous gowns accessorized with enough sparkling swag to make Donald Trump’s gold-plated Manhattan penthouse look modest, we’d all wished we could swap lives with her – even Meghan, from the comfort of her home in Toronto where she was stationed whilst filming the legal drama, Suits.

Admittedly, even I did a quick Google search to see which princes were still single.

The difference is that Meghan won the lottery we’d all put our names in for, and soon she will have access Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara collection – which is said to be one of the largest in the world.

However, as per royal protocol, Markle will not be able to wear a tiara until she marries Prince Harry, for without him she is not royal.

The case was the same for Kate Middleton, who wore her first tiara when she married Prince William in 2011.

However, Markle’s marriage to Harry is scheduled to be a much more subdued affair. Held at Windsor Castle rather than Westminster Abbey, the once-divorced bride-to-be may opt not to wear anything atop her head other than a veil.

If she is to wear a tiara, it will have to have been loaned by the Queen, who loaned the Cartier Halo Scroll Tiara to Kate for her marriage to Prince William. At least that would solve the problem of trying to find ‘something borrowed’!

However, this wouldn’t be the first time that Meghan Markle has worn a tiara. The Suits star donned a glittering headpiece for her high school prom!

Oh, how times have changed! We doubt she will be rocking this one down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel though.

So there you have it, Meghan Markle cannot wear a tiara until she marries her royal beau. Even then she may opt not to don any bling. But, despite her minimalistic modern approach, we bet she won’t be able to help herself when it comes to the royal jewels – and who can blame her?!

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