Justin Bieber Gets Savagely Rejected After Trying To Slide Into A Woman’s DM’s

Getting rejected online is a pretty savage part of the modern day dating world. Whether it’s on Instagram, Twitter, Tinder or Whatsapp, putting your pride (and heart) on the line, only to be rejected, is pretty hurtful. Sometimes it can be a straight up and categorical “no thanks”, other times you can see that the person has read your message and decided not to respond (the worst!), or it just turns out they already have a partner (or so they tell you). However, while rejection happens fairly regularly to the average Joe, you’d think that megastars such as Justin Bieber wouldn’t have to deal with it all that often.

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest popstars on the planet, and naturally, he is rumoured to be very good at picking up women. No doubt, having millions of dollars and good looks helps the star, but, it turns out he can’t land every woman he wants.

While Biebs is often regarded as a “modern day Casanova”, much like the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s safe to say that his ego took a battering the other day when he tried to slide into the DM’s of a woman who took his fancy on Instagram, and failed spectacularly.

Fitness on Broughton posted a video on to their Instagram profile a few days ago, promoting their new range of energy drinks that they’re selling, saying: “New @bangenergy limited edition purple guava pear energy drinks are here! Trust us, when we say they’re AMAZING! Get yours while they’re still in stock!”

In the video, a blonde girl can be seen performing a little jig with a bottle of the new energy drink in her hand, and it seems like she grabbed the attention of Bieber. Doing what anyone would do when a certain somebody takes their fancy, Bieber slid into the DM’s of the gym and asked for the girl’s name.

Unfortunately for him, it didn’t really work, as his message was left unanswered by the gym. But not done there, things got worse for Biebs, when the woman at the heart of the action, Jessi, went onto Twitter to out the singer.

Posting a series of screenshots of the messages, Jessi wrote: “Did this actually just happen… lmao. Justin Bieber just messaged the gym that I work at and asked who I was hahahaha WTF.”

Jessi then added more salt into Biebers already open wounds, following up the tweet with a series of photos with her boyfriend, saying: “I’ve got everything I need right here.”

Unsurprisingly, as with anything to do with Justin Bieber, the post has garnered a lot of attention online, with over 60,000 people liking it and plenty of Beliebers commenting on it.

Savage stuff for Biebs. The star recently cancelled his Purpose world tour because he wanted his “mind, heart and soul to be sustainable” and also wanted to focused on being “the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be, and the father I want to be.” Judging by the reaction of Jessi, he’ll be waiting a while until that happens.

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