Jurassic Park Dinosaurs Replaced With Cats Is The Best Thing On The Internet

Jurassic Park is a classic for a reason. You take some man-made dinosaurs developed from prehistoric DNA, you put them on an island so they don’t murder people, you bring people to the island, and then you have security breaches that give the dinosaurs free range to murder people! Back in the 1990’s, the plot was executed in such a way that it had everyone shaking in fear, and the 2015 reboot, Jurassic World, naturally took the horrifying graphics to the next level.

But what could make this movie even more terrifying? Swapping the gigantic and violent reptiles for fluffy kittens, of course! No, these pictures are not scary at all. Yes, they are incredibly hilarious and will comfort any dinosaur fears you’ve been secretly harbouring since you saw the original movie years ago.

1. A horrifying discovery 

2. Well this is the best movie ad I’ve ever seen

3. The baby dinosaurs weren’t nearly this cute 

4. Now that is one scared man 

5. But they just want to play!

6. Taming the fluffy beasts 

7. Don’t come any closer … he’s dangerous 

8. Okay, this one is a little scary 

9. Such a majestic and domestic creature 

10. Cats do love their toy balls 

11. Just come out, little man, they won’t hurt you

12. Cats are always great third wheels 

13. Really can’t decipher if this is a bad situation or good situation to be in

14. Shh, be quiet or you’ll wake him 

15. Is there something adorable right behind me? 

16. These cats might actually get violent if they get wet 

17. Too jealous of Chris Pratt right now 

18. He looks exactly as happy as one should be when sitting next to a giant kitten 


I don’t know about you, but most of my dinosaur fears are expunged after seeing them replaced with all of these kittens (not that they were really legitimate fears in the first place, seeing as dinosaurs are extinct, but still). I think I’m going to start mentally replacing all things that scare me with cats. In my mind from now on, all spiders, snakes, and murderers will have kitten faces…

On second thought, this may not be a good idea. Regardless, these Jurassic Park replacements hit that sweet spot of hilarious and adorable. For more Jurassic Park recreations (who knew this many existed, right?), check out these goats who replaced dinosaurs in an incredible ‘Jurassic World’ parody.

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