Jada Pinkett-Smith Apologizes To Will Smith’s Ex-Wife For Dating Him Whilst They Were Still Married

For fans of Will Smith, it’s easy to forget that he has been married twice. The 49-year-old star, who became a household name in the ’90s after starring in the decade-defining show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, is widely considered to the most dedicated family man in Hollywood.

The Philadelphia-born star’s relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith has become the epitome of ‘relationship goals’ since they wed in 1997, and as a result, the dynamic duo have been able to erase all memory of their questionable origin.

The power couple first met in 1994 when Jada auditioned for the role of Will’s girlfriend in The Fresh Prince. At that point in her career, 24-year-old Jada hadn’t celebrated many big successes. Meanwhile, Smith was a mainstream star within the entertainment industry, having managed to break into both music and film.

Unfortunately, Jada wouldn’t get her big break playing Will’s girlfriend as the show’s casting director considered her to be too short for the role. But whilst she wouldn’t get to play Will’s girlfriend on screen, she would in real life after the two actors hit it off.

Listen to Jada explain how she fell in love with Will Smith…

The issue was that at the time Smith was married to Sheree Zampino. Not only that, but the couple had a young son, Trey, who was born in 1992.

At the time Smith met Jada, he and Sheree were already experiencing marital difficulties and divorce was already being actioned. But that didn’t stop his relationship with Jada from causing a stir.

In her new Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk, Jada candidly talks about that stage in her life – but in a twist, she does so with Sheree sat across the table from her.

In a brave move, the two women discuss their “blended family situation” for the first time during the first episode of Jada’s Facebook series, which has already amassed 14 million views since it went live three days ago.

The exchange begins with Jada talking directly to Sheree about her regret for dating Smith whilst he was still a married man.

“The beginning between us was rough,” The Matrix Reloaded star explains. “And here’s one thing I will say, in hindsight, because I did not understand marriage, I didn’t understand divorce. I will say that I probably should have fell back.”

Upon hearing this truth, Sheree simply responds by saying: “You think?”

“I do and I’m a tell you why,” Pinkett fires back. “I would have fell back, because I feel like when Will and I first started dating, I had this thing in my mind, ‘Okay, well you did that and now that’s done’, you know.”

But before Jada can get any further with her explanation, Sheree quips in with: “Oh, you think it was done?”

Rather than be shocked by this statement, Jada simply shouts out, “Right! That part, you see, that’s where I was wrong.”

Appearing to revel in Jada’s honesty, Sheree simply says “yes” repeatedly as Jada showers her with apologies.

Check out the video below to see clips of their heated conversation:

“Now being a married woman, and if Will and I were to get divorced now, my God” Jada continues. “So when I think back about where I was, some of my insensitivities, my inconsideration, just in regards to you guys unwinding a marriage. Then me trying to get in there,” Jada says, clearly apologetic of her actions at the time.

In the candid conversation, the women go on to discuss a rather heated telephone conversation that they shared during the divorce, one which Jada claims she was scolded for by Smith.

The heartfelt exchange ends with both women embracing after commending one another for their mothering skills and strength during that particularly difficult episode in both of their lives.

It can’t have been easy for Sheree, especially when Jada gave interviews like this…

Unsurprisingly, the episode has recieved a great deal of support from Smith’s fans, who are now taking to the internet to congratulate the two women for their acceptance of one another.

The exchange makes for interesting viewing and highlights just how imperfect even the most poised families in Hollywood are!

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