Italians Are Furious Because Americans Are Destroying Their National Foods

It's no secret that Italians are obsessed with food. Trust me, I live with an Italian couple, and while I absolutely adore Italian food, I've grown to hate them with a passion. They use the kitchen so often that no one else in the houseshare gets a look in.

Rude housemates aside, however, we should be praising Italians for their willingness to defend their cuisine and refusal to let us Americans, well, b*stardize it. I mean, we are no strangers when it comes to cultural appropriation, and it needs to stop.

To see Italians react to American interpretations of their food, check out the video below:

Now, a Twitter account has been set up on behalf of all Italians who are mad at food. Appropriately named "Italians mad at food", it shares countless Facebook comments from disgruntled Italians about all the ways that their food has been ruined.

The account bio reads: "If you don't care about how we cook stick to your Burgers and Leave our dishes alone," and its location is listed as "wherever pasta is oppressed." But most importantly, it demonstrates just how proud Italians are of their food.

So, without further ado, here are seven things which Italians absolutely hate when it comes to food.

1. Breaking pasta in half

In defense of Italians, if you have to break your pasta in half, you don't know how to cook it properly.

2. Pineapple pizza

I have to disagree on this one. Pineapple on pizza gives me life. It's the absolute bomb when there's garlic butter too.

3. One-pot pasta

Laziness is not acceptable when it comes to cooking Italian food. This is why my housemates never leave the kitchen.

4. Chicken in pasta

Apparently, chicken is rarely eaten in Italy and the main purpose of poultry there is for eggs.

5. Americans who eat anything other than hamburgers

As far as Italians are concerned, Americans should only eat fast food. To be fair, that's true for a lot of people - we are the fattest nation in the world, after all!

6. Not eating fresh mozzarella

I have to agree with this one. Mozzarella in Italy is to die for.

7. Doing anything unconventional with pasta

At this point, it's worth noting that Italians even have opinions about other Italians' food. What's acceptable in one region could be regarded as absolutely vile in another, so it's worth taking these opinions with a pinch of salt.

That being said, if you ever get a chance to visit Italy and try proper Italian food (I can't recommend their pasta enough), you'll quickly realize why an entire country is up in arms about America's b*stardization of it.

If you'd like to keep with the hilarious Twitter account for yourself, you can follow it here.

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