It Wasn’t This Bullfighter’s Day And He Took A Horn Through The Neck As A Result

In what is both a confusing trio of metaphors and a victory for animals everywhere, this hero of a bull has put his hoof down, given a matador a taste of his own medicine and firmly left his mark. When bullfighter Jiménez Fortes was impaled on a bull's horn in front of a crowd of people, it made for a wince-worthy spectacle.

The bull does an incredible switcheroo and goes straight for Fortes even when he's holding the the muleta way out to the left. (No, I didn't know what it was called either.) In a strange turn of events, Fortes may be more of a village idiot than a master matador. Unbelievably, this is the third time he has been outwitted by a bull and the second time it's happened this year. He is said to be in a stable but serious condition.



If that was too bloodthirsty for you, check out what happened when a vicious pit bull met a tiny kitten. (Spoiler alert: no one gets hurt and it's cute AF.)

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