Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About The Green Mile: An Interview With A Death Row Psychologist

When people carry out horrific crimes, they're often labelled as evil. It's understandable that they'd be described in this way, especially if their crimes were carried out to inflict pain. We're constantly told by the media about the kind of people who end up on death row, and this has caused many of us to wonder whether evil actually exists...

VT: As someone who works around people who have committed some of the worst crimes imaginable, do you believe in evil?

1. The Nature Of Evil

"The more I see horrible things, the more I believe in the positivity of life. Believe it or not, working with people on death row has made me an [idealist]. I'm not really an optimist. I don't really believe in a glass half full or empty. I think evil comes out when there's a lack of kindness and a lack of giving someone a chance. So I don't really believe that you're born evil, or that evil comes out on its own. I believe in evil from a religious perspective. There are demons, but I believe that [people] go and seek them out [and] then [they] become evil."

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