Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Know About The Green Mile: An Interview With A Death Row Psychologist

Death row has fascinated generations. It's where some of the world's most notorious criminals have met their just end and, on occasion, where innocents have wrongly been put to death. Many people have wondered what goes through a prisoner's mind during their final days on Earth; from the remorse they may or may not express, to their carefully thought-out last words.

Even though many of those on death row have committed atrocities, they are still treated humanely. Naturally, this has outraged a lot of people. Why should they be treated with respect when they've treated others so cruelly?

What Is It Really Like To Work On "The Green Mile"?

Here at Viral Thread, we interviewed a psychologist working on death row in Egypt to gain an insight into this troubling world of forgiveness and retribution. How has working in such a distressing environment affected her? Do prisoners ever actually show an ounce of remorse for what they've done? And how many people on death row are actually innocent people unjustly put to death?

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