Inspirational Size 30 Fashion Designer Documents Losing 182lbs Following Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight is one of the hardest things any person can do because it requires a great deal of effort, and often the effort required is much more than what people are willing to put in.

Unfortunately, if you are accustomed to a particular lifestyle, it can be extremely difficult to completely change your destructive habits and transform your life for the better.

However, one fashion designer by the name of Thayna Pacheco Barboza has done precisely that – she has changed her life for the better and hasn’t looked back.

In fact, the 24-year-old could quite easily be confused with one of her models after losing a whopping 182lbs as a result of weight loss surgery.

This is what she looks like now:

Barboza made the decision to undergo gastric bypass surgery after her grandmother tragically passed away as a result of heart disease.

On her Instagram page, she candidly uploaded video footage of how she has her excess skin tightened through massage:

What also made Barboza realize that she had to make drastic changes to her overall health and lifestyle was seeing her own mother suffer a heart attack.

Barboza, who is from Juiz de Fora in Brazil, started rapidly gaining weight when she was just five years old and this carried on throughout her teen years and early twenties.

She blames her love of fast food on her rapid increase in size during her youth. It was this love of fast food that saw Barboza’s weight reach an unhealthy 308lbs.

Before she made the decision to undergo weight loss surgery, she was a size 30.

Now, Barboza didn’t decide she wanted to lose the weight as a result of low self-esteem. She was actually always pretty confident about her size, but not long before she turned 18, she found out the distressing news that her grandmother had died from heart disease.

The then-teen was given the warning of a lifetime from her mother, who told her she’d had a heart attack just three years earlier due to a genetic condition.

Realizing that her poor health was putting her at risk of a premature death, Barboza knew she had to undergo gastric bypass – a procedure in which surgical staples are used to make a small pouch at the top of the stomach.

Following the surgery, she dropped from 308lbs to 127lbs; less than half her original weight. The talented fashion designer is also now a clothing size four to six.

The only downside of it all is that her dramatic weight loss left the young woman with a great deal of loose, excess skin. She also spent over $2,400 in a bid to surgically remove the loose skin.

Barboza, who has always had self-confidence in abundance, shared her inspirational weight loss story on Instagram where she now has more than 54,000 followers.

“I started to get fat when I was five, but I never had a problem with it because I was really young so I was used to it,” Barboza said. “Obviously, I didn’t like my body, but it was normal for me. I was always confident about myself and never felt less than anyone. I think every dream for a fat person is to become skinny so I didn’t like to be fat, but I also didn’t put too much effort into it.”

“I always liked to eat real food,” she added. “Of course, I used to eat fast food and junk food but most of the time my problem was dairy. If I could, I would have lunch for every meal of the day.”

“My grandma died from heart disease and my mum had a heart attack when I was just 15. As I got older, I started to worry about my health and life so I took it more seriously. Following a difficult conversation with my parents, I decided to undergo bypass surgery when I was 18.”

Barboza never used to exercise, but she now works out an incredible six times a week doing boxing, bodybuilding and cardio exercises. Rather than going down the route of gaining muscle mass, she focuses on burning as much fat as necessary.

“It was a very new process for me; I didn’t do any research online about the surgery, didn’t listen to good or bad things about it, I just did it,” she said. “With time, I was adapting. It was difficult in the beginning; I used to use my diet as medicine, so I followed everything my doctors said. After this, I started to become interested in all types of diet and gym workouts.”

“I really like my body now, but I have some excess skin and this is a process that demands a lot of surgery and some time away from the gym.”

“As I always say; I weighed 140kg for 18 years of my life, and now I can wait another 18 years to have the body of my dreams.”

“My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight is to research, read and learn. After I started to understand why I ate so much, my passion for eating healthier food only grew.”

“It’s a slow process, as I say, it took me years of bad habits with sugar, saturated fat, flours and industrialized food. My biggest tip is to avoid eating anything industrialized. Our body is natural, and our food should be too.”

Barboza is an incredibly inspirational woman for doing what many would struggle to do. She clearly has dedication in spades and this is what allowed her to adjust to such a colossal change in lifestyle.

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