Inseparable Mother And Daughter With 22-Year Age Gap Are Unashamed To Admit They Go Clubbing Together

It is not uncommon for a mother and her daughter to share a close and unbreakable connection.

From sharing endless items of clothing with each other (often without permission) to opening up about relationships, the bond girls share with their moms is (usually) incredibly beautiful.

However, no matter how much we love our parents, and no matter how much of a laugh we’re able to have with them, I’m guessing most of us would probably draw the line at going clubbing with them.

In fact, that line would be drawn (practically carved in stone) well before that point. Yes, many parents feel the need to keep tabs on their kids, even when they’re adults, but most of them are reasonable enough to understand that they need their space and that getting too involved in their lives will only sabotage their relationship in the long run.

But while the mere suggestion of going clubbing with a parent may seem pretty insane, that’s not to say that it never happens.

In fact, this mother and daughter duo are so joined at the hip that they have been hitting the town together since Ellie reached the legal drinking age.

And trust me, Ellie is in no way embarrassed to be seen after hours with her beloved mom Louise, as their joint love of all things nightlife is simply a part of their lifestyle.

Ellie and Louise Smith from Wiltshire, England, claim that despite their 22-year age gap (Ellie is 20 and Louise is 42), they’re constantly being “mistaken for sisters” and that people can’t contain their confusion when they discover the truth.

Indeed, the pair have absolutely zero qualms about going to wild parties together in Ibiza which they have done in the past.

The Smith ladies refer to themselves as “best friends” who do absolutely everything together.

And in spite of the fact Louise is constantly stealing her daughter’s clothes and flirting with younger men who could potentially be suitors for her daughter, Ellie is in no way resentful and cherishes the bond they share.

They spend pretty much every waking minute together and they even work alongside each other at Louise’s hair salon.

Ellie has also said that her mother is the life and soul of the party and is normally the loudest, most energetic one there. “As soon as I was old enough, me and my mom would always go clubbing together and that’s the main time that people realized how alike we look,” Ellie explained.

When asked about her mother and what she’s like on a night out, Ellie explained:

“She’s a lot of fun on a night out and really gets into the party mood – even more than me most of the time. It’s all fun and games until people who are my age try to hit on her and I have to tell them she’s my mom.

“Even when she steals my new clothes before I’ve got to wear them, I find it funny rather than annoying – I love having my mum as my best friend!”

And say what you like about Louise but she’s intent on having a good time and won’t stop for anyone:

“While I’m still young enough, I’m going to continue to go clubbing and live my life to the fullest. Ellie has always been my mini-me and my best friend, so why wouldn’t we go on nights out and enjoy ourselves together?

“I always go into her wardrobe and wear her clothes and she does the same with mine, we have very similar style.”

“Going to Ibiza with Ellie was really fun because we did it properly – we went to a pool party and to Ocean Beach Club. It’s just great to be able to get dressed up and have some drinks with your daughter and make some amazing memories!”

In a world where people are so overly concerned with what people think about them, it’s very refreshing that Louise and Ellie are continuing to live their best lives in spite of the inevitable judgment they will receive from others.

It’s a lesson we could all benefit from learning!

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