21 Insanely Insensitive Social Media Updates Posted Moments After Disaster

There is a time and a place for your sexy selfie, and it definitely isn’t mere minutes after a global disaster. Most people with a functioning moral compass are aware of this. However, it would appear that there is a shocking quantity of people on this planet who have absolutely no idea how to approach a sensitive subject.

Naturally, when something awful happens, we want to share our sympathies with the world – or, just those few hundred people that follow us. The issue is that we often miss the mark by not fully appreciating the magnitude of the situation.

From terror attacks to funerals, social media has become saturated with selfies taken at incredibly insensitive moments. Quickly empathy is replaced by vanity, something that these shocking social media updates will illustrate. What were these people thinking?

1. #PrayingForGoodLighting

In the wake of a terror attack, a selfie is never sufficient. When words are difficult to find, it’s better to simply say nothing. So put your clothes back on and dig deep for some loose pennies that you can donate to a worthy victim support charity instead.

2. A very serious selfie

Taking a mirror selfie is an unforgivable offence in 2017. However, the shame of a mirror selfie in this instance is eclipsed by the fact that this woman is taking a picture of herself on the day of her own mother’s funeral.

3. The show must go on

Luckily, Robin Williams was a true comedian. Therefore, we know he would have seen the amusing side in this tactless Facebook post.

4. Suicide and the selfie

The word ‘devastated’ loses some of its potency when accompanied with a selfie…

5. She must have hit her head pretty bad

Thankfully, this woman appears to be okay despite her brush with a car. Although, we suspect that she must have sustained some mild concussion to make her think this Facebook post was appropriate.

6. In loving memory…

We hope the “RIH” stands for “Rest in Heaven,” and not the other place that people go to once they die…

7. A funaroul?!

A funeral is a time for respect. A time to reflect on your loved one who has passed away. Clearly, this family missed out on etiquette classes, as well as spelling lessons.

8. Bending over to help

As a teenager, we share all sorts of bizarre pictures on Facebook. A quick flick back to the early days leaves our cheeks a little warm and red. Luckily, we never posted anything quite as strange as this.

9. All the sad emojis

“Ima go to show some respect,” she types whilst wearing a stomach-baring cropped jacket. Oh, the irony.

10. Thank God for that!

It is unclear if this was intended as a joke in the first instance, or if it was genuinely serious. Either way, it’s disturbing.

11. Say cheese!

Despite the look of pain on his face, this young girl keeps going to achieve the perfect selfie with her dying relative.

12. Funeral fleek

Attending the funeral of your mom is possibly one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. However, “a great hair day” can make it easier.

13. The butt of it

The Paris attacks appalled the world. Tributes for the victims began to flood in around the globe, including this shocking Snapchat which appalled people even further.

14. #NoFilter

Would you swipe right for Sarah? She is guaranteed to document every tiny moment of your relationship together – the good and the ugly.

15. What was she smoking?!

In the same post, this woman has rejoiced at the commencement of World War III (for real?) AND sent her condolences for those that died in the Paris attacks – oh, and she accompanied this muddled post with 16 selfies. What was she smoking?!

16. Pout for Paris!

“Before I sleep tonight, I want you all to gratify me for my good looks,” is what he is really trying to say.

17. *Deletes account indefinitely*

Relationships are personal things – except for those who overshare on Facebook. Ew!

18. Dirty doggy

Usually we appreciate every small detail of a story, but in this case, we’d have preferred the finer elements were kept secret.

19. He asked for it…

We have very little, if no, pity for this Facebook user. Thankfully his post was comical, as it could have been quite the opposite considering the speed he was driving!

20. Well, that escalated quickly

I guess that is what you get when you don’t specify what you mean. This ambiguous post may have been born out of a horrific situation, but it certainly delivered a laugh!

21. PR problem

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution made a HUGE error when they tried to profit off the back of a national disaster. We imagine that intern was thrown from the office only minutes later.

While Facebook may be a minefield of questionable posts, it is also home to some truly remarkable news. For example, this sister found her long-lost brother via the site. Their story is quite incredible…

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