Insanely Creepy Footage Of A Ghost Captured In A Hospital

As a natural born cynic and sceptic, I never been a believer in ghosts. This is amusing because I’ve actually seen a ghost. That being said, it’s easier to assume it was a trick of the mind or a trick of the light than contemplate the possibility that otherworldly beings do exist.

When it comes to unproven phenomena (ghosts, aliens, telepathy) I try to keep an open mind. But my bottom line is: without indisputable evidence they’re probably not real. Because the universe loves to keep things interesting, this week some evidence did indeed come my way.


Footage has emerged from a hospital in Honduras which does indeed appear to contain evidence of a ghost. I implore you to continue to the next page to watch the video; should you be of a more nervous disposition, perhaps don’t watch it alone in the dark.

The footage, which appears below, was taken in School Hospital Universitario in Honduras – where a doctor reportedly took their own life. It is believed that the doctor now haunts the corridors and often turns lights on and off in patient rooms. Better judgement might tell me the issue with the lights is more likely due to a wiring problem. However, that still doesn’t explain the creepy-as-hell figure which appears in the footage below.

This is not the first incident of ghostly sightings in hospitals. Continue over the page to see images taken at Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum in Wales, UK. The asylum, which is abandoned, appears to house a squatter from the ghostly realm.

Adam Smith was walking past the Brecon and Radnor Lunatic Asylum when he noticed a chilling figure in the window. The shadowy figure can clearly be seen in the photos below, despite the building being closed for over 15 years. Needless to say, the chilling apparition frightened the unfortunate photographer.

The now-abandoned asylum once homed psychiatric patients, some of whom were lobotomised for various conditions such as postnatal depression and alcoholism.


Image 2

Adam noted: “Whatever it was, it certainly gave me a fright. Since I uploaded the post it went viral. I started to get messages from local residents and councillors asking me that I remove it because hundreds of people were turning up at the hospital to try to find the ghost.”

Of course, the internet is littered with photos of and videos of “ghostly sightings”. Some genuine and some, not so genuine. Then every now and then a video so realistic appears that it makes every sceptical bone in your body doubt its position.

If you haven’t had your fill of creepy videos, here’s one more for the road. The video below was captured in an abandoned mental hospital. It should be noted that even without any ghosts present, wandering the corridors of a dark, eery building would probably leave me shaking at the knees.

When it comes to the time-old question of whether ghosts exist, today’s evidence would suggest that they do. Of course, there is another part of me that thinks videos and photos can easily be manipulated which means I’m still entirely uncertain about whether ghosts do or do not exist.

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