The Most Insane Police Cars From Around The Globe

Whether you RESPECT them or HATE them, the police forces from around the world are our first port of call in an emergency. With the constant pressure of fighting crime and protecting the public, the police rely heavily on their looks and equipment – especially their patrol vehicles.

Sure, every police car should be reliable, but preferably, every cop would want to drive something stylish and extremely fast – and in some countries, this is EXACTLY what they get! But for every Porsche and Ferrari, there’s an embarrassing piece of junk that only serves to make our finest officers look foolish. We’ve scoured the Earth to bring you the most INSANE police cars ever…

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The Smart Car – Various Locations

I literally have no idea what the police chiefs were thinking when they commissioned these vehicles. Sure, the Smart Car is a reliable and energy efficient ride, but they look RIDICULOUS – along with the cops crammed into them! Oh, and there’s only two seats, so the officers on duty better hope they don’t make any arrests – otherwise one of them will be walking back to the station. I thought it was supposed to be a “smart” car?

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Bugatti Veyron – Dubai

Dubai is a country synonymous with luxury, and with a $6.5MILLION supercar fleet to boast, they possess perhaps the most envious police garage in the world. The Bugatti Veyron spent years as the fastest and most expensive production car in the world. So in 2014, Dubai’s Finest thought it was well worth the $1.6 million expense. The Bugatti is capable of doing 430 km/h, and can achieve 0-60 mph in 2.5 SECONDS thanks to its 700 horsepower. I wouldn’t try escaping the cops with this on your tail…

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Lotus Evora S – Italy

The Evora S is utilized by the Italian Carabinieri – a branch of military and civilian police force where every officer is trained as a soldier. Pretty badass. These cars have been equipped with fridges, and specialize in transporting life-saving ORGANS from hospital to hospital. Seriously, don’t mess with them, or they’ll have your organs too…

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Hummer H2 – USA

This Hummer H2 is based out of Texas, and its combination of size and speed make it pretty insane. Of course, in the USA a Hummer is not an odd thing to see your favourite celebrities in, but when getting pulled over by one may seem a bit weird. This monster has a 32 GALLON engine, with 700 HORSEPOWER, so it can get around just fine – the only problem may be the officers fighting over who gets to drive it.

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Lotus Exige – UK

When this car entered the force it was the fastest car they had reaching a top speed of over 240 km/h with 220 horsepower. Sadly for most police officers, only those that are class 1 drivers who have completed months of training are able to drive this beauty. However, for those that are allowed behind the wheel, they say that they use it to attract young people who actually end up wanting to talk to the police. I guess thats one way to try and get young people to think the police are cool!

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Lamborghini Murciélago LP640 – UK

It seems that the London Metropolitan Police were not to be outdone by their countryside colleagues. This Lamborghini LP640 can reach 60 mph in 3.4 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 210 mph. Due to London having so many Lambos, it was absolutely imperative that the police had one as well, otherwise it would be carnage with the police unable to catch up with anyone. The taxpayers definitely agreed with this sentiment… I think.

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Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 – Italy

This Lamborghini is fully taxpayer friendly because it did not cost them ANYTHING. CEO of Lamborghini Steven Winkelmann presented this supercar to the Italian police back in 2009. Its purpose has mainly been for use on the highways and for emergency medical transportation. Additionally, it was apparently used to “enhance street security”. Well, with this supercar patroling the streets, nobody’s going to try their luck with a quick getaway.

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Mercedes CLS Brabus – Germany

Not only is this German police car a Mercedes CLS, but it is a Brabus edition – adding speed as well as style. It only seems right that this brilliant and beautiful piece of German engineering is utilized on the streets of its birthplace. This Brabus V12 engine makes the Lamborghinis look a little tame. With its twin turbo engines, it has clocked up to 360 km/h and possesses an enormous 730 HORSEPOWER. Having said this, with the autobahn allowing for all manner of speed, they really needed something that had a kick to it. This CLS has a little more than a kick to it though…

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Nissan NXS – Japan

The Nissan NXS is a legendary Japanese car, so when a model was donated to the police force, you can imagine the arguments that occurred over who was on patrol duty. It was mainly used on the Japanese highways, due to its famous status. The car was developed using the help of legendary F1 star, Aryton Senna, who tested it in the latter stages of development, leading to greater corner taking abilities. Anything to make catching bad guys that little bit easier.

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Renault F1 Car – UK

The Renault F1 car has to be one of the weirdest ones on this list. The police in Birmingham, England unveiled this car in the aid that it will carry messages to motorists. I mean is that all they could think of? It has to be the most ridiculous reason to get an F1 car that can reach 100 km/h in 2.5 SECONDS. Whether or not it is necessary, it seems like one of the coolest cars in the world, even if it is just for the police. Cue all F1 enthusiasts joining Birmingham traffic police.

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Caparo T1 RRV – UK

Sticking with the theme of racing cars, for some reason the UK also felt the burning need for this Caparo. Despite having greater functionality than the Renault (based on the fact it can hold two passengers), I am still scratching my head at the other uses. The Caparo was manufactured as a relatively affordable legal racing vehicle. At a cost of $300,000, this may not be the case for most, yet its lightweight and McLaren inspired technology make it one of the fastest pursuit vehicles around – with a top speed of 321 km/h. Dubai, eat your heart out.

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Porsche 911 Carrera – Austria

The Porsche 911 is the ultimate synthesis of speed and style. Whilst it can clock up to 284 km/h, it also offers a supremely smooth and pleasant ride. I am sure the Austrian police force saw their neighbours with a CLS Brabus and immediately thought they needed to up their game. With this 911 Carrera they definitely have. The only issue is it might be a tight squeeze for any criminals they catch in the back. Well, most of them will need to get used to small spaces anyway.

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Opel Speedster – Netherlands

This two seat convertible seems the ideal police car on a sunny day when your having an ice cream. However, despite it getting to a top speed of 243 km/h, I am not sure what else the Opel Speedster is useful for except for looking fantastic on the roads. However, an Opel Speedster is an incredibly rare car – so seeing a police edition makes it all the more special.

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Jaguar XF – UK

If you’re a cop on duty and all you’re doing is hanging out on the side of the road, then this police car seems like the best option. Spacious and luxurious, this Jaguar XF does not seem like a bad place to spend your working hours. However, the Jag can also drag its feet when needed to reaching a max speed of 250 km/h. Then again, if getting arrested mean sitting in the back of this car, I’m sure criminals will be handing themselves in.

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Ferrari FF – Dubai

As if the Bugatti was not enough, the Dubai police force felt that it was essential that they had a Ferrari to add to their fleet. With an acceleration of 3.7 SECONDS from 0-100 km/h, and a top speed of 335 km/h, this car can compete with pretty much any other on the road. In addition, it possesses a four wheel drive system. Maybe the Bugatti struggled on the desert terrain?

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