Indonesian Man Takes On 23-Foot-Long Python In Epic Fight To The Death

Pythons are the longest snakes in the world, and, whilst they are not normally considered a danger to humans, this week an Indonesian man decided to take on a 23ft-long python when he saw that it had blocked the path of two pedestrians.

As you’d probably expect, the larger a python is, the higher the chances are that it will be dangerous to people. Although they are not a venomous species of snake, those that grow to a giant size have been known to occasionally strangle and kill people.

Thirty-seven-year-old Robert Nababan had been returning home from work when he saw the monster python in the Riau Province of Indonesia. When he tried to get the python to move out the way, it grabbed hold of his arm, and the two began to wrestle to the death.

The pedestrians who had been cornered had no option but to look on in horror as the security guard began to fight for his life. The wrestle reportedly went on for “some time”, but Nababan managed to kill the snake and emerge victorious.

Admittedly, getting into a confrontation with giant python is not the smartest idea in the world, and Nababan was soon admitted to a nearby hospital, having suffered deep and extensive injuries to his arm and exhaustion from the lengthy fight.

Speaking about the horrific encounter from hospital, Nababan said, “I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while.”

Once the fight was over, villagers hung the monstrous python on a washing line for all to see. Looking at the size of the python’s mouth, it is safe to say that it was a miracle that Nababan never lost his arm during the confrontation.

The python he fought and killed is so large that a number of men had to work together to hang up its body (talk about dignity in death).

When reporting the incident, Indonesian media made a point of referring to a similar fight in March, which resulted in a missing West Sulawesi man being found dead inside a giant python’s stomach.

Pythons can kill people in a matter of minutes. However, it takes them around an hour to eat their bodies.

There cannot be many people in the world who can say that they have managed to kill a giant python with their bare hands. Although it is not known exactly how Nababan managed to do it.

The injuries on Nababan’s arm are too graphic to show, however, this censored photograph gives you an idea of how severe they were. Pythons have long teeth which curve backwards – making it harder for their prey to escape.

The Guinness World Record for the longest snake ever belongs to a python. It was called Medusa and measured a staggering 25ft. In April 2016, however, an even longer snake was apparently found in Indonesia, reportedly measuring 26ft.

Thankfully, pythons are opportunistic hunters, and, generally speaking, they will not attack humans unless they are provoked or if a person comes close enough to become an easy meal.

It is a complete mystery a to why Nababan simply didn’t wait for the 23ft-long python to cross the road.

Above is a video of a woman who seemingly manages to catch a speedy cobra with her bare hands. We’ll leave the authenticity of her “catch” down to you.

Nababan’s victory over the giant python makes one thing for sure – he’s become one security guard that no one will be messing with anytime soon.

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