Heart-Stopping Moment Tiny Dog Attacks 11-Foot Crocodile, As Onlookers Are Left In Shock

Dogs are pretty incredible creatures. They’re loyal, they’re loving and they’re impressively intelligent. Yep, they truly are man’s best friend and are known to go to great lengths to protect their owners.

They will instinctively confront anyone they regard as a threat and will achieve this by doing anything from barking aggressively to resorting to more physical methods.

However, the mere idea that a dog could attack, let alone defend itself, from a great, big crocodile is pretty outrageous. Yet a dog in Australia did exactly that and what’s more, it was all caught on camera.

On an island in the Northern Territory, a small heroic dog was filmed engaging in a vengeful battle against an 11-foot crocodile. And while this story sounds wildly unlikely, this is exactly what happened. It just goes to show you: it’s not all about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!

Apparently, it all stemmed from some good old-fashioned jealousy. Casey the crocodile was receiving a lot of attention from onlookers and the dog clearly wanted all eyes on him.

Take a look at the gripping footage in the video below:

The footage was posted on YouTube and the man who filmed it wrote: “I was visiting Goat Island with family and King Kai, the owner of the property, calls a croc named Casey out of the water. The dog gets a little jealous and chases the 3.5-meter croc back into the river!”

The explosive and wholly unexpected incident begins with Kai asking the croc “how are you beautiful?” Kai then offers it “a bit of chicken,” an offer which the croc probably wishes it had resisted in hindsight. The huge crocodile responds by coming to the edge of the water and then suddenly shooting forward to obtain his snack.

While this is going on, the dog can be heard barking viciously in the background. Then Kai is heard explaining the crocodile’s behavior to his guests while the pooch continues to growl. Soon after, Kai tells his guests to get their cameras out and seems to be aware of what is about to go down. “Here he goes,” he says.

“Oh my god that crazy dog,” someone is heard saying in the background.

Then suddenly, the little dog charges toward the huge and physically imposing crocodile. It seems pretty inevitable that the courageous dog will suffer an unthinkable fate. However, Casey, clearly intimidated by the little terrier, begins to flee but just before it manages to get away, the brave pooch bites its tail

The crocodile, alive but evidently shaken, can then be seen going underwater and retreating to safety.

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