IKEA Have Just Launched Furniture For Your Pets And It’s Your Wildest Dreams Come True

IKEA are not the first brand to tap into the highly lucrative pet market. Earlier this year the internet went into a meltdown when a reality television show featuring only cats was announced and the bank balance of all animal lovers was emptied when a wine for dogs, aptly named Pawsecco, was released.

Naturally, IKEA saw an opportunity to complete the modern person's need for every human item to have a pet equivalent. After all, what were we doing with our lives before our pets could recline on a miniature sofa?

They say that a dog is a man's best friend, and you wouldn't let your best friend sleep on a blanket in the corner of the room, would you? No, so instead IKEA can offer your beloved pet a real bed so that they can relax in comfort and style like a real human.

The chances are they will still want to sleep on your bed with their muddy paws, but at least they now have a choice about where to rest - spoilt has been redefined!

With pay day on the way, it is time to forget that winter jumper you had your eye on.

Instead, treat your pet to what they truly deserve; a fully furnished home. You won't regret it and nor will your Instagram followers when you share pictures of your pooch tucked up on the sofa struggling with a hangover from too much Pawsecco. See you at the checkout!

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