If You Have Brown Eyes Then You’re More Special Than You Might Think

As humans, we are programmed to judge. Most commonly, we do so by surveying someone’s physical appearance; their hair color, height, style etc. But very rarely do we judge someone based on their eye color. Which is actually somewhat bizarre, as you can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. After all, they are said to be the windows to the soul.

In a world where we can modify our bodies to any color, shape or size, our eyes remain consistent. Whether they be blue, or brown, or one of the other five scientifically proven colors (hazel, amber, green, gray and red/violet), we are connected to our eye color more deeply than any other of our features.

So, naturally, it is no surprise that each eye colour holds specific personality traits. Especially brown eyes, thought to be the first eye color to exist on humans, they possess many unique qualities that make those that possess them quite easy to read…

Here we highlight the key qualities naturally possessed by those with brown eyes. Many of which you may find quite surprising…

1. They hate conflict

The deep, dark shade of brown eyes would naturally have you believe that they are quite sinister. However, that is not the case. People with brown eyes are often placid people, who prefer to avoid confrontation in any form. In fact, they will usually act as a mediator between fighting parties (most likely those with green and gray eyes, who are often considered troublemakers).

2. Loyal

Loyalty is a rare quality, that comes in abundance to those with brown eyes. No matter what happens, brown eyed people are guaranteed to stay by your side, long after all the green-eyed people have jumped ship!

3. Friendly

With eyes that resemble smooth chocolate, it is hard not to be friends with someone who has brown eyes. They entice us in with the rich tones of their iris’s and just like Augustus Gloop inĀ Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we dive straight in.

Brown eyes are the most popular eye color in the world, with 55% of the population possessing the sultry shade. Therefore, you no doubt know someone with brown eyes who exhibits many of these personality traits…

4. Intelligent

People with brown eyes have always been considered extremely academic. Many of the most famous minds, from Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, have been supported by a pair of dark eyes. Although, a recent study by the University of Louisville did determine that blue-eyes are the key to intellectuals, with Steven Hawking and Bill Gates both owners of baby blues.

5. They love books

Brown eyed peoples intelligence is likely a result of the fact that they appreciate a good book. Commonly, brown eyed people go on to immerse themselves in literature and the arts, something that they excel in.

6. Good listeners

One of the main reasons a person with brown eyes makes such a good friend is because they are great at listening, which may be a result of people feeling they can confess anything to those with smooth and seductive brown eyes.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Natalie Portman and Zac Efron all own brown eyes, although we doubt you’ve ever noticed…

7. They keep secrets

There is a reason their eyes are so dark, and that is because they are deeply saturated with other people’s secrets. Locked away in the darkness are other people’s problems, which brown-eyed people will loyally never reveal.

8. Good memory

Because brown eyes are so deep, they have plenty of room for memories, which means that they never forget anything. Remember that the next time you try to lie to your brown-eyed pal.

9. Trustworthy

Again, the seductive, chocolate colored eyes make you believe that the person in possession of them is trustworthy. Whilst it is not strictly true for every brown-eyed person, it would seem that it is quite a common trait!

There is a reason why Van Morrison sang about his ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, and it likely has a lot to do with these personality traits! Who could resist a girl with all these qualities?

10. Reserved

Brown eyed people are good at listening to you, and remaining loyal, but when it comes to divulging their deepest secrets they stay quite quiet. Preferring the air of mystery, brown eyed people rarely open up.

It would appear that brown eyes really are the best accessory you can wear! So, tell all your brown eyed friends how grateful you are to have them, and if you have brown eyes, remind everyone that you are the best nature can provide!

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