Idiots Are Throwing Themselves Out Of Moving Cars For The Internet’s Latest Viral Challenge

Us humans are an inherently social bunch, and thanks to the internet, we are never more than a few clicks away from interacting with people all over the world. But unfortunately, when people get together in large groups, intelligence can go out of the window as they vie for attention – a quest which often inspires risky and quite frankly dangerous behavior.

Case in point, the bizarre “challenges” that sweep the internet. While some like the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ are well-intentioned, there are others which border on insane. Take the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’, for example; it encouraged people to eat pods of detergent despite risking nausea (at best), internal bleeding, and even death – all for social media views.

But if you thought that the ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ was the epitome of stupidity, you’re wrong. Another shocking viral challenge which hit the headlines this year – but did not gain anywhere near the same amount of popularity – was the ‘Hot Coil Challenge’. As its name and lack of popularity suggest, it involves placing your arm on a hot coil for as long as possible.

Or, as it could more accurately be described, the ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ is a fine example of natural selection in action.

And now, for 2018’s latest viral challenge, the #InMyFeelings Challenge, Darwinism can once again be seen in action as people throw themselves out of MOVING CARS while dancing to Drake’s hit Scorpion song ‘In My Feelings.’

Before you think to yourself that this behavior was inspired by the controversial musician, let me make one thing clear: it was not.

It all started when Instagram user @theshiggyshow posted a video of himself dancing next to a parked car while using moves that were perfectly in sync with the lyrics to ‘In My Feelings’ – a dance which he described as “doing the shiggy”.

To see the innocent video that ignited this viral trend, check out the video below:

But because people on the internet are idiots and couldn’t let this simply turn into a harmless dance challenge, they had to add in an element of danger – presumably to increase the attention that their own shiggy’s would receive online.

So, in an act which monkeys probably even wouldn’t do, people are now throwing themselves out of moving cars as they recreate @theshiggyshow’s viral moves which hit the internet on June 29 – and let’s just say it doesn’t end well.

This trend for jumping out of vehicles began when footballer Odell Beckham Jr. posted his version of the shiggy onto social media and unknowingly began to encourage people to put their lives in danger by hopping out of a stationary car.

Then, a total idiot decided it would be a fantastic idea to spice things up by adding motion into the mix, and now we are here.

In one clip, posted by Twitter user @baabsxx, a young woman can be seen jumping out of a car which is moving too fast to allow her to continue to dance. She injured herself but still posted it online with the caption, “I almost died”.

To see just how dangerous this challenge is for yourself, check out the video below: 

In another example of this immeasurable stupidity, @DavidAlvareeezy showed the internet how jumping out of even a relatively slow-moving car does not end well – he then tagged Drake in the post, undoubtedly horrifying the 31-year-old.

Would you go this far for attention on social media?!

As these videos demonstrate, it’s mostly young people who are taking part in the challenge. But given just how much information we have available at our fingertips, you’d think that in such an advanced world, teenagers would have a little more sense.

Aside from putting their own safety at risk, participants of the #InMyFeelings Challenge are also endangering other people as they allow their vehicles to continue to move WITHOUT A DRIVER. It really is only a matter of time before tragedy strikes. 

Another Twitter user who admitted that the challenge had endangered his life is @imcorrtes.

Replying to fellow victim of the challenge @baabsxx, @imcorrtes wrote, “That makes two of us.”

He then went one step further than her and decided to jump out of his moving car in the dark: 

Unlike the two Twitter users above, however, some people found that throwing themselves into harm’s way was actually quite amusing and after a near-miss in the challenge, @caarolin9 wrote, “LMAFOOOOO”.

This is how close she came to a serious injury:

Thankfully, not everyone is as crazy as those engaging in the #InMyFeelings Challenge and @caarolin9 was blasted on social media for her actions, which many people rightfully pointed out could have harmed the other person in the car. 

“Lucky that she didn’t get caught in the wheels. Not a laughing matter. Be careful and discourage such stunts,” wrote @Prince_Jake07.

Others put into context just how stupid jumping out of a fast-moving car is, with @elijahbtamayo writing, “Why was she going like 20 mph, that’s like coming to the gym and jumping on a treadmill at its highest speed.”

It was also pointed out that this trend is once again a disturbing reflection of the fact that people will do almost anything to gain attention in their virtual worlds – even if that means bringing their real life to an abrupt and untimely end.

“The things people do for likes and followers,” remarked @rohanjoby01.

Naturally, some people had no sympathy for those doing the challenge and @ohgodneyspearit wrote, “I hope your car crashed.”

“Oh my god 😀 WHY WOULD YOU JUMP OUT OF A CAR THAT FAST JESUS,” exclaimed @Gaohmee.

While Drake has yet to comment on the dangerous element of the challenge his song unintentionally inspired, I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before he publically condemns it. But more worryingly still, unless people come to their senses, it is also only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured taking part in the challenge – or worse, loses their life.

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