Dinosaur Eggs Dating Back 130 Million Years Have Been Found Perfectly Preserved In China

This year there has been a lot of news which has been very difficult to believe, so understandably you’re a little dubious about the discovery of 30 perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs. But, it’s true.

The 30 fossilized eggs were found by construction workers in Ganzhou, China – which is coincidentally known as ‘the hometown of dragons’ – on Christmas Day.

As the workers rigged up explosives to shift the earth at the site, where they had been busy building a school, they saw several mysteriously shaped objects.

Suspecting that the odd objects were dragon eggs, they immediately phoned the police who came and sealed the site as archaeologists began to delve deep into the rubble to inspect the treasure that had been accidentally found.

Rather than be left disappointed, as can often be the case for archaeologists who are called to construction sites, they were left speechless after learning that the underground haul was a collection of dinosaur eggs, roughly 130 million years old.

The eggs are currently being held at the Dayu County Museum for further studies, where it may be possible to decipher what type of dinosaur the fossilized eggs would have produced millions of years ago.

Apparently, Jurassic Park isn’t as far-fetched as we all thought! Could a land dedicated to dinosaurs soon exist? The future is suddenly looking even more terrifying than before thanks to this shocking find…

If that prospect isn’t scary enough, then the idea that thousands of these eggs could be lying underneath our very own feet really is horrifying! Yikes!



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