Human Ken Doll Wants To Become Barbie Because His ‘Bits Are Falling Off’

In the modern world, we can do just about anything to our bodies. Surgery has enabled transgender people to align their physicality with their gender, and it’s helped many who’ve suffered as a result of accidents and biological imperfections.

However, there’s a dark side to surgically altering our bodies, and it often rears its ugly head in the form of plastic surgery addiction. Many people who go under the knife aren’t content with just one procedure and return time and time again…

One of these people is the “Human Ken Doll”, American Rodrigo Alves, who used plastic surgery to achieve his dream of looking like the classic children’s toy Ken – Barbie’s ripped companion who first hit the shelves of toy stores in 1961.

Just like his female counterpart, Ken is ridiculously good looking (at least he’s supposed to be) and has a sizeable wardrobe. But now that Alves is 34, he has decided that he is going to have gender reassignment surgery for the most bizarre of reasons…

Because he’d rather be a pretty old lady than a saggy old man.

Choosing to undergo such invasive procedures for vanity is not only an insult to the transgender community, but dangerous as Alves has already gone under the knife 60 times and has had countless other non-surgical procedures too.

“One day when I’m older, I may have a sex change and become a Barbie,” Alves said, after a guest on an Italian chat show said that he looked more like Barbie than Ken. He has said that “being a live human Ken Doll has never been easy.”

“It takes constant maintenance. Bits fall off and need repairing now and again,” he revealed to MailOnline.

Alves recently hit the headlines after he said that he was not going to have any more liposuction after gaining weight as he anxiously prepares for his 10th nose job. Instead, he’s going to try the traditional method of eating healthier.

“I have been suffering from anxiety lately which led me to gain nearly three stone,” Alves told the Metro.

“All of my outfits are very tight and the best ones don’t even fit me anymore, if you think that I have spent too much only in plastic surgery, you are wrong. I have spent much more on shoes, belts and clothing, which now don’t fit me anymore.”

Alves revealed that his 10th nose job is not being done out of necessity but because of the damage done by prior procedures.

“I will be spending the day of my birthday undergoing very pain and risky surgery to try to correct my breathing,” he said.

“I don’t want to have to have another nose op, but I have no choice. I have been stuffing my face like crazy to compensate for the stress and worry, and I’ve gained more weight than ever.”

Alves is unrecognizable in this photograph of him at 17, which was taken shortly before he got his first surgery, a rhinoplasty. Ironically, I think that he looks more like a Ken doll here than he does now.

Alves is not doing his health any favours with what he drinks either and claims to only drink champagne. What’s more is that earlier this year, he claimed that he had to gain weight so that he could have the fat transferred to his butt.

To date, Alves has spent close to a staggering $500,000 on cosmetic procedures.

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