How Using Your Smartphone At Night Impacts Your Brain And Body

By disrupting melatonin production, the light from your smartphone can disrupt your sleep cycle in a similar way to jet lag. Given enough time, it can even cause depression and insomnia.

If we get less than seven hours of sleep a night, our glial cells stop being able to clean up the toxins our brain cells produce. In over 95 per cent of people, these toxins simply remain in the body. While most of these toxins' effects are the predicable ones you'd expect from lack of sleep, one effect that might come as a bit of a shock for some: weight gain.

According to Dr Siegel, lack of sleep messes up your insulin levels, which directly effect your body's metabolism. As everyone knows, your metabolism is a key factor in keeping you from gaining weight from the food you eat.

So if you've been questioning why losing those last few pounds has been such a struggle, it turns out that your incessant checking of Instagram fitspiration accounts might actually be the problem, not the solution. And those foodie Facebook pages you love looking at so much? They might actually be causing you to gain weight without even getting to enjoy the food!

So how are we supposed to fix this problem? What do we do if we're about to get to sleep and an urgent email pings into our inbox? Well, to combat the problems that come with using our phones at night, app designers have created several programs that alter our phone's light.

Apps like f.lux and the night shift mode in Apple's iPhones adjust the bright blue light tones emitted by our screens, switching instead to a less offensive, warm orange. There's not a lot of scientific evidence surrounding these adjustments, but the reviews speak for themselves.

Of course, nothing will ever really be better than simply not looking at your phone at all. Why not crack open one of those old fashioned thingy-ma-jigs known as books? I hear they used to be a big hit back in the day. Everyone had at least one. They were almost as popular as Kylie Jenner's live Instagram feed, and far less likely to make you feel bad about yourself.

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