Thugs Urinate On Train Carriage Before Female Passenger Unknowingly Sits On Wet Seat

Just like myself, many people refuse to use public bathrooms because they are left in a less-than-sanitary state. Toilet roll is often strewn around the floor, occasionally it makes its way onto the ceiling, and they are typically filled with an insufferable smell.

However, few people who use public transport expect to sit in another person’s waste. Now shocking footage has emerged of two louts urinating on a London tube train in a carriage that appeared to be empty on the city’s Victoria line.

In the footage, a puddle can be seen forming on the carriage seat as one man urinates onto it while another man relieves himself onto the floor. Then men appear to be laughing as they carry out this despicable and inconsiderate act.

As the shocking incident was taking place, another passenger decided to film it. They can be heard in the background of the footage also laughing before saying, “These men have a problem. What the f***. That’s just f***ed.”

Shortly after the men have relieved themselves, however, a woman boards the carriage and unknowingly sits in a puddle of urine.

Check out the disgusting footage for yourself below:

It is not known who filmed the incident, presumably a passenger who was sitting at a reasonable distance from the thugs, but neither they or the thugs alerted the woman to the fact that she was sitting in human waste.

The London Underground is notorious for its packed trains, which often cause commuters to be late for work, but as this carriage was practically empty, it’s safe to assume that this footage was filmed late at night and that the men in question were intoxicated.

The footage went viral after it was posted to Instagram and people were quick to make their disgust known, with one user of the popular photo-sharing app wrote, “F***ing dirty little tramps.”

Another added, “That ain’t even funny.”

The person who filmed the footage has also been under fire on social media, with one user writing, “Someone filmed it, then watched as someone else sat in it while continuing to film. That’s even worse in my book and they need to be arrested as well.”

In response to the shocking footage, a British Transport Police spokesperson said, “We have been made aware of a video purporting to show two men urinating in a Tube carriage on the underground.”

“Officers will be viewing the footage and making inquiries to establish a fuller picture of the incident and when it took place.”

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