Creepy Creature Is Recorded Terrorizing Indonesian Family And None Of Us Will Ever Sleep Again

This world is overflowing with terrifying creatures, from snakes to spiders to Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump, there is no escape. Luckily for the rest of the world, a majority of the creepiest critters reside in Australia, a safe distance away as not to cause us any harm.

However, that doesn’t stop the rest of the world from freaking out when they catch a glimpse of the bizarre creatures that Australia owns. Such as this horrifying moth, which has sent the internet into a meltdown…

The haunting creature appears to be nothing more than a typical moth, until you consider the four, furry tentacles protruding from its rear end. Its peculiar appearance could easily see it mistaken for a missing set-piece from the latest Ridley Scott film, but in actual fact, its story is a little more normal.

Footage of the frightening thing was uploaded to Facebook by a man in Indonesia who happened to have the misfortune of finding it in his house. Since its upload, the video has attracted millions of views and thousands of comments from horrified users who urged the man to “burn the house down”, with the curious creature inside.

However, the mysterious moth has an innocent story. Once you learn its origins, you’ll understand that it doesn’t warrant quite so much hate from us humans…

The insect has since been identified as a Creatonotos gangis moth by Reddit users, who set out to clarify the details of the bizarre creature. This identification has helped the internet to decipher exactly what threat the moth possess.

The moth’s peculiar tentacles are simply scent organs, secreted in pheromones in a bid to attract a mating partner. Apparently, hairy tentacles is what moths are in to!

These specific moths can be found across northern and western Australia, as well as South-East Asia, which is where this particular one was discovered.

Frantic users online were not enthralled by the unique ways of the moth and in true human style, they demanded the animal be killed, preferably with fire. “What devilish creature sent to destroy us is this?” one user asked, before adding: “I’m leaving Earth by the way…anyone coming?”.

Meanwhile, the fate of the harmless moth is unknown. It is not clear if it did meet its (rather creative) maker, or if it was allowed to live on in peace. We hope that it is the latter, and that this moth went out there and got what it was after.

The original Facebook post has since attracted 191,000 shares as people share their alarm at the creepy critter. However, this isn’t the first strange animal to go viral online.

Earlier this month, people were shocked to see abnormally muscular pigs in Cambodia, and before that people were horrified by a mysterious sea creature that washed up on the shore in the Philippines.

It is only a matter of time before another peculiar animal eclipses the horror we all felt when seeing this moth, so watch this space! In the meantime, it is time to revaluate your Halloween costume – forgetĀ Stranger Things, this moth is what is hot right now!

Talking of Halloween costumes, we have some further inspiration for you by way of these insanely creepy vintage costumes which truly are haunting. Throw it back this year with a fearful mask from the past…

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