Terrifying Footage Shows 100-Foot Wave Crashing Into Ship

The sea is a mysterious and terrifying place. Being one of the least explored places on planet earth, the deep blue continues to mystify scientists and researchers alike. Certainly, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) approximates that as much as 95 percent of the oceans are unexplored, and the ocean floor is an even more obscure matter with at least-99 percent of it being unknown to humankind. It’s no wonder then that we humans find the sea a beautiful but ultimately scary place – it’s power has indeed wrecked havoc on our people for centuries.

The terrifying nature of the ocean was seen again when video footage surfaced of a 100-foot wave practically engulfing a ship during a storm in the North Sea.

The YouTube clip which has been viewed over 6 million times shows the wave break and nearly consume the ship, but thanks to its size, the ship is able to withstand the blow. We can’t say what may have happened, however, if the boat had been smaller in size…

The wave crashes into the bow with such force that viewers of the video can’t see anything else of the ocean, and they can hear the terrifying sound of the water smashing into the window of the upper cabin.

The man who found himself caught up in the monstrous wave, rivalled the nonchalance of our favourite captain, Jack Sparrow, appearing to be incredibly blasé in the face of impending doom, proclaiming, “that’s f***ing awesome”, as he filmed from the upper decks of the ship. I don’t know about you, but I’d be more likely to yell something to the tune of, “I’m f***ing going to die!”

The storm occurred in the North Sea which is part of the Atlantic Ocean. This particular stretch of sea is located between the UK, Germany, Scandinavia, France and Belgium. Whilst the footage is undated, we can estimate that it occurred during the winter months as storms and gargantuan waves are common in these parts during the winter season, though not of this size or force.

This is not the only freak weather occurrence that a Brit has spotted of late. English tourist, Kieran Dickson was on holiday in Corfu when he captured a 30 metre whirlpool on video.

Taking place in the sea just outside his hotel, the whirlpool only lasted five minutes but caused a fair amount of destruction as it sent all sorts of things flying into the air. Kieran recalls,

“It was so surreal seeing the whirlpool, we caught the beginning of it where it formed before it continued through the village of Kassiopi […] I was so shocked I have never witnessed anything like this before and although it was probably something to be worried about it was amazing to witness.”

Whirlpools are bodies of churning water which are produced by the meeting of opposing currents. In the majority of cases, whirlpools aren’t very powerful and cause little damage.

 So there you have it, given the number of nature’s oddities that our fellow Brits are capturing recently, it may be a good idea to pack a waterproof camera on your next adventure.

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